Five Reasons To Pay Attention to the Liverpool F.C Women’s Game

We live for this game. The beautiful game that has us glued to our televisions and mobile phones for every match. We eat up any and all social content we can get about our favorite players, our favorite team. Liverpool Football Club. The Mighty Reds. 19 League titles. And if the fates align and everyone stays healthy (come on Thiago!) maybe they’ll add a few more trophies to that famous Champions wall this season. There is massive excitement and focus around the men’s game. We know every player, every upcoming match, and every statistic. We’re a family after all and family looks after family.  

So, what if I told you that another LFC team was on the verge of being crowned Champions…again. The Liverpool F.C. Women have been crowned English champions twice in their history. This season, they’re fighting to earn back the right to put another trophy in the case.  

These are some of the reasons why you should be paying attention to the women’s game.  

1. The LFC women sit atop the FA Women’s Championship League

9 points clear of Bristol City with 6 matches remaining, the ladies are in the hunt for promotion back into the Women’s Super League. They are ruthlessly focused. With 15 league matches played the team holds a 12-2-1 record and a +28-goal differential. 

2. The Signing of Katie Stengel

The Lady Reds just signed striker Katie Stengel in the January transfer window. Katie is a phenomenal striker who’s played in 4 different countries and the only American on the team. Katie has played in multiple leads and brings a wealth of experience and true grit to this team. Since January, having played in 10 matches, she has already netted five goals and three assists in all competitions. Ranking her 1st in goals and 2nd in assists per minute played in the league. According to Katie “I’m a No.9, very competitive, love to get the ball as much as possible and hopefully score goals!” Beyond being a tried-and-true striker, she’s hysterically funny. She’s gaining tons of followers on Twitter with her self-deprecating humor as she gets used to life as a scouser. You can follow her Twitter @Ksteng12.

3. The Game is Growing

The women’s game continues to grow worldwide with more countries investing in players and bids for World Cups and Olympic Medals. The Women’s Super League has secured broadcasting rights with both the BBC and Sky Sports which tells us there’s an appetite to watch women’s sporting events. While Liverpool F.C Women are most likely a ways away from sold-out stadiums and the fanfare from the men’s game, It’s undeniable that LFC sees the potential that the women have. As a matter of fact, LFC has appointed new leadership on the women’s side naming Susan Black as their club director. Investments in the women’s game increased 21% in 2021, they have plans to give the women their own training facilities in the City, have brought in a new (old) head coach Matt Beard (no, not THAT coach Beard,) and 6 new player signings this season. There is a passion and a belief in this women’s team that they have the potential to be successful in the long term. 

4. Women Play a Beautiful Game

There’s something about the rawness of how women play. It’s grit, determination, and pure…. joy. These women make little compared to the men. According to The Guardian, pay in the Women’s Super League, England’s top tier has increased markedly but whereas leading players can earn up to £200,000 a year, salaries start at approximately £20,000. Most players live in apartments with roommates or at home with their parents. They take the train to and from training – there are no luxury houses, cars, or private jets. They get excited over pre-match beans and toast for breakfast and a good Indian curry for tea (this is apparently how they say dinner in Liverpool.) Their play exemplifies the love of the game. It’s not embellished or dramatic or for show. They go out and fight every single game. They get bloodied and battered and get right back up. Their game might not be as fast-paced as the men’s top-tier Premier League, but it holds just as much passion and drama (minus the Neymar level dramatics) as the men’s games do. They play to win, they play for the team and they play for their families and for their fans. 

5. The Liverpool Football Club is a Family

That’s just it isn’t it? We are a Liverpool Football family. And family takes care of family. We cannot truly call ourselves fans if we don’t support the club at all levels. LFC is LFC regardless of whether it is a first-team, a youth academy team, or the women’s team. The success of this team is our success too. So let’s show our support to all of the teams and players. Get to know the team, the players, the fun personalities. Support at all levels. it’s what makes us different. Special. This is what makes us Liverpool FC. This Means More.

Wondering how you stay up to date with the Women’s team?  

Multiple LFC Women matches will be selected for live broadcast on the online FA Player. 

Highlights of LFC Women games will also be available on the FA Player the day after a match. 

LFCTV is entitled to broadcast a small number of LFC Women games live and on LFCTV GO – find their schedule to tune in.

Highlights of all LFC Women games will also be shown on LFCTV and club social media channels in the days following the fixture. 

The monthly Women’s Show on LFCTV brings you up to date with all the news about the team. 

There will also be regular updates on all the Club social media channels including: 

Twitter: @LiverpoolFCW 


Instagram: @LiverpoolFCW 


And of course, we here at American Scouser will continue our coverage of the Women’s team. Comment, share on social and let us know what kind of content you would like to see. Thank you for reading and YNWA!

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