Champions League Group Play: AC Milan 1 – 2 Liverpool

And just like that this team puts itself down in the history books again. This time as the first English side to get through Champions League group play with a perfect record. Absolute mad times to be a Red.


Alisson – 7

Got the captain band and a fairly uneventful evening. Left for dead by Taki for AC’s opening goal. Fairly smooth sailing the rest of the way, but a lot of that is down to Alisson proactively coming out early and organizing the backline throughout.

Neco – 7

Thought he did fairly well against a tough matchup in Theo Hernandez. Seems to have decent rapport with Mo. Clearly fancies being forward and can’t help think he’ll go on and see more of that in his career similar ala former Red, Sergi Canos (Brentford). 

Konate – 8

Thought he shook off the early rust nicely and just grew more dominant as the match progressed. Absolutely pocketed Ibrahimovic and made a huge stop to deny Kessie.  

Phillips – 7

Had questions going in and now confirmed after that cheeky drag back in the box, that he’s just Origi masquerading as a centerback. Send “get well soon” cards and care packages for Ibrahimovic and Kessie to:  

Casa Milan

Via Aldo Rossi, 8

20149 Milan

Tsimikas – 7

May not have been at his enterprising best on the night but loved the grit and physicality on the night. Absolutely bodied people coming down the left. Madly in love with, Kostas. I really am. 

Morton – 8

Absolutely amazed by this kid. Just does all the small stuff right. Finds the right pass, remains composed under pressure, positionally sound, recycles possession, breaks up play. And then he’s just nonchalantly turning, pointing and instructing senior players where to be positionally to keep shape. This kid makes my toes tingle in a way I haven’t felt since the time I was 9 and fell into a frozen lake and my mom had to blow dry my feet, certain I had frostbite. Anyways…

Taki – 7

A bit shit defensively but to be fair kind of what I expected. Much better once moved forward (as also expected). Gonna just go ahead and forget that bit about set piece defending. 

Ox – 8

Loving this new found confidence. Direct, attacking football while providing a goal threat from outside the box. His attempt sets up Mo for the first with the rebound and he was a continues threat throughout.

Mane – 7

Continues to straddle the line between sensational and shite. Had some frustrating turnovers but also ran his pegs off. Pressed Timori into a mistake leading to the eventual winner.

Origi – 8

Classic Div. Fairly quiet on the evening and then pulls the proverbial cat out of the bag. Leisurely strolling through the box before redirecting a rebound with startling precision and accuracy off the headed volley.    

Salah – 8

Like seeing some exotic sports car glistening in the sun, looking like a golden god without ever getting out of second gear.   



Keita – 6  (‘64)

Bit of a mixed bag, but never a bad thing to have him back in the mix.

Gomez – 6 (‘64)

Hopefully a sign that he’s nearing back to full fitness.

Woltmon & Bradley – N/A (‘90)

Nice to see the kids get a moment to experience the magic of a Champions League night.

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