Champions League Group Play: Liverpool 2 – 0 Porto

5 wins from 5 in the group of death. Hard to be mad about that.


Alisson – 7

The most uneventful captain debut you’ll ever see. 

Neco – 6

Was a bit exposed by Diaz, first half and ghosted in and out. Much better second half.

Matip – 7

Cleaned up nicely, second half after a pretty nervy and scattered first. Looks a bit unfamiliar with Konate which is to be expected. 

Konate – 5

Two really bad turnovers in dangerous areas, caught flat footed by Uribe and then booked. All within the first 30. Improved as the match went on but looks like there’s a lot of accumulated rust to be knocked off.

Kostas Tsimikas – 6

Everything just a half yard off which suggests fatigue. Did well tracking back and providing space for Mane with the consistent overlapping runs forward. 

Ox – 7

Picked up where he left off last match. Looked eager to be involved without forcing the issue. Dangerous going forward with the ball and worked hard on both ends, eating up the half spaces and pressing up high out of possession.

Thiago – 8

Consistently broke up play in the midfield. Sprayed it all over the pitch from the back of a diamond mid. Absolutely smashes it for the goal. Hard to think back to when you saw one that sweetly struck. 

Morton – 7

Doesn’t look at all out of place. Mad isn’t it? Got stuck in, made the simple pass, positionally sound. Does well on the ball over the top that led to the second goal.

Mane – 7

Hat tip for putting in the work. A bit unlucky to have a goal ruled out. Was a constant menace down the left channel.

Minamino – 6

Frustrating outing in that it was a game of “nearly”-ies. Every pass, every movement just a half yard off it. Nice to see him get a full match in with Mane & Mo though. Thought he did relatively well coming back into the mids and doing all the little things Bobby does.  

Salah – 7

Every one in the world knew he was turning it onto his left. And it still didn’t matter. That’s the level he’s on right now. 



Henderson – 7  (‘63)

Sets up Salah for the second goal and then proceeded to remind us of why everyone crowds him off free kick opportunities. 

Robbo – 7 (‘63)

Played like he’s a bit concerned about the status of his role as starter. That can only be a good thing.

Origi – 7 (‘71)

Earned a free kick in a dangerous area, was consistently involved and looked up for it. Loves that left wing doesn’t he?

Fabinho – 6 (‘71)

Just love watching him clean up in the mids.

Milner – N/A (‘83)

Didn’t fancy an away leg to Milan. Promptly booked. Get’s to grab a jacket and catch the Academy matches and work on some coaching badges.

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