Matchweek 6: Brentford 3 – 3 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Feels like points lost but the fact remains that Brentford are going to cause people problems this year. That backline we trotted out has been lights out so, credit to Brentford.


Alisson – 6

Looked like a frantic crewman bailing out a sinking ship with a spoon. Hard to watch. 

TAA – 5

Not as poor as everyone with internet access thinks. Struggled to stay set with the high line when defending, overmatched for the second by like 4 giants. Brentford did a good job of overloading the right. Couldn’t deliver a proper ball in, all day, though.  

Matip – 5

Aside from the goal-line clearance, was a bit all over the place positionally. Looked like he had had enough of Toney 15 minutes in. Shame the game’s 90. 

VVD – 5

First time I’ve seen him look physically gassed. Hard to tell whether that was down to Brentford or a full day of parenting/screaming at Trent and Robbo, both of which continuously broke the backline by dropping deeper.  

Robbo – 4

Worst of a bad bunch, for me. Third game in a row he’s struggled to hold the line. Drove Virg mad all day. Failed to close down both balls in that led to the first and second goals. Worst first touch in the world, that turned it over and led to the third goal. 

Fabinho – 6

Sublime ball in for Mo’s 100th league goal in a Liverpool shirt. Guilty throughout of being slow to close the distance between the mids and the backline.

Curtis Jones – 7

Man of the match performance for many, with a sharp offensive display including one slammed off the post and a rocket for what should have been the game-winner. I can’t overlook that Brentford goals 1 & 2 originated from blown defensive assignments by the youngster. Something I’m sure Klopp didn’t miss and he’ll need to improve if he means to lock down his spot in the rotation.

Henderson – 6 

World-class ball in for Jota’s goal. Thought he played well throughout but then turn around and we’ve conceded 3 so…

Sadio – 5

Becoming part of a consistent problem down the left channel. Gave it away loads, effectively killing some of our brightest counters. Toiled in the mids, I’ll give him that. He’s putting in the work. 

Jota – 7 

Was as impressed with his pressing as much as anything. Loves himself a header doesn’t he? So unlucky to not get a second when Cujo cannoned one off the goal frame and Raya pulled some pure witchery on the rebound.

Salah – 7

Should have had three but he’s rewriting record books so (shoulder shrug*)… Impossible to defend. Gutted he didn’t put away his 1 v 1 to go up 2.


Firmino – 6  (‘68)

Not his fault he came in as an extra attacker when we’re up 3-2 in a wild west shootout. Did his usual wizardry with time and space. Nearly finds the winner if not for a superb block by some Brentford c*nt.