Matchweek 3: Liverpool 1 – 1 Chelsea – Player Ratings

After four hours of suplexing a life size cardboard cut out of Jorginho in the living room, I’m ready for ratings. To the business.

Alisson – 7

Couple of smart serves in nervy moments. Could have had a ladder and probably still not stopping that Rudiger header. Loopy bastard.

TAA – 7

Was everywhere. Especially first half. Tough sledding since the left side of the starting XI was absolute shite and Chelsea essentially played with 8 center halves after going down a man.

Matip – 8

Gambled and lost once on a ball into Lukaku but other than that was absolutely boss. Caused absolute mayhem when he came forward for set pieces. Matip Mayhem? I don’t know. Could be a thing…

Van Dijk – 8

Chicken noodle soup for the soul is watching big Virg casually pocket big bad Lukaku. Calm as you like. Nearly peed when he struck it from range.

Robbo – 6

I understand the start. He’s a different level, defensively, than Tsimikas. But he never got the engine off the ground. Things looked labored. Whether that rubbed off on Sadio or vice versa we’ll never know.

Henderson – 6

Not exactly sure that I understand sitting a fully in form Naby for a not fully fit Henderson playing on his weaker side but what do I know? Brought the energy but little end product. Has to do better on that ball over the top.

Fabinho – 7

A bit of a mixed bag. Could have seen yellow for the late challenge but the ref took one look and said “Nah, that Jorginho’s a right c*nt, play on…”

Harvey – 8

Consistently one of our best, every week now. Starting this match is a huge tip of the cap from the gaffer. The consistency and the maturity for a player of his age is jaw dropping. Some player.

Sadio – 5 

Put this one right up there with any of his worst performances last year. Looked as if he woke up with two hammers for feet. Everything was heavy or lumped out of play. Frustrating to watch. Then again he’s a James volleyball dig away from scoring so…

Firmino – 6

Proved why he gets the starts in big matches. Integral to the press that had Chelsea on the ropes, crucial to the counter when we looked most dangerous. Shame about the hammy.

Mo – 7

Let Mendy talk all that shit and then buried it like a dagger. Suck it, you ref crowding whiners. Despite the end product, Mo gave em fits. All 8 of those center halves.


Jota – 6

Hammer of a first touch most the game. Put in the work just wasn’t ever coming off today. Crowded out as Chelsea continually stacked the box.

Thiago – 6  

Put in some decent balls but never got fully going. Not the best at defending the counter but could have probably used him on a bit earlier.

Tsimikas – N/A