Matchweek 31: Liverpool 2 – 1 Aston Villa – Player Ratings

F*ck VAR. F*ck first halves. F*ck not finishing. Let’s f*cking go!


Alisson– 5
Massively disappointed the muzzy’s gone. Dip in form and he let’s in a soft one. Color me not shocked. You can’t shave off greatness and expect anything else.

TAA – 8
Continuing the yo-yo run of performances in the most dramatic of game winning performances. Which means next time out he’ll likely be shambolic. But let’s hope not. 

Nat Phillips – 6
Beaten for pace several times but also made plenty of timely interventions. 

Kabak – 6
Caught wrongside for the Watkins goal but has that Van Dijk-like swagger in his game. Won his fair share of duals and comfortable in possession. 

Robbo – 7
His best performance in months. Seemingly had more space with Sadio out. Direct on the overlap and tucking in central. Absolute banger of a hit for Salah to mop up for the first.

Fab – 6
Bit of a mixed bag. Broke up play and created from the back but also made some uncharacteristic turnovers in poor areas.

Milner – 6
If the Industrial Age was a player, it’d be James Phillip Milner. Blue collar shift. 

Gini – 6
Rare left side appearance for the Gini Wini. Did well relieving pressure on the back line and getting forward with urgency.

Mo – 7
Doggedly tested the Villa back four. Like a shark with chum in the water when Robertson’s shot came to him.

Bobby – 8
When he’s on his game he’s a special player. Today he was. Dropped deep to provide an outlet. World class interplay and vital to the counter.

Jota – 6
Got in dangerous areas and continued to bring a direct attack. Just never came together for him. 


Thiago – 7 (‘70)
Had a really good spell before the game winner. Denied a winner of his own by Martinez with an unreal stock from close range.

Mane- 5 (‘75)
Not ever going to score again. I get why he went for goal right before the final whistle. Jota might not though.

Shaq – NA (‘81)