What to Watch : Matchday 27

Here we go again. The poor form of late has made me want to take some time off from football. If anything the lack of sports during COVID initially showed me that I was spending almost a bit too much time watching sports. I am a football junkie and will watch it if it is on regardless of who is playing, what league etc. If you are like me and have decided to scale down on watching sports to be able to allocate time to other things like reading American Scouser, following the American Scouser page etc., I am here to help you by narrowing down the games to watch.

Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Saturday 12:30 Eastern

Best of the bunch of Saturday’s games unless you want to wake up early to watch Burnley’s 1980’s brand of the game face the current game of football. Not a fan of Sean Dyche and his style but that is a story for a different day.

Aston Villa will most likely be without Grealish again which really affects their attack as they have shown over the last few games. Pride of Portugal Wanderers play an exciting brand of football that is fun to watch and you get a great preview of Portugal for the Euros. Villa still has some hope for a ticket to European football but they have to get out of their attacking funk and get the three points at home. It is a tough time slot since it will be going against Bayern Munich taking on Dortmund in Bundesliga at the same kickoff time and might not be the worst time to take a day off from the Premier League. If you watch one game of Premier League this Saturday, this should be it.

Manchester Derby

Sunday11:30 EST

I personally think it is pretty much a done deal in terms of the title race this year but this could be the game that will shut up that annoying friend who is a United fan(or brother in my case even though he has already thrown in the towel) City might not be playing their best football when compared to the last few years but they create enough chances to score and take the three points out of their matchups. They have enough talent to throw out there at all times who can create and I would expect them to do the same against United who cannot seem to get out of their own way at times.

Recent history shows that the derby effect is evident in this game where Manchester United has been able to come up with some results against City even when not in form and in their usual 6th spot in the standings. It should come down to City capitalizing on the possession of the ball vs United on the counter. Hopefully, it will be a better game than the one we watched when United faced Chelsea last weekend. Sorry for that recommendation btw…

You can also get to play the game of “Who do I hate more?” where you pause the TV on any given moment and decide which player you find more annoying in that frame. Should make some good debates. As much as I hate United, the sight of Jesus will win that contest every time for me personally. Strong contenders for many though with the likes of Sterling, Maguire, and Silva out there. Have fun playing the game!

Chelsea vs Everton

Monday 13:00 EST

I know it is a Monday but a good game to watch that will have a huge impact on our top 4 hopes assuming we got three points against Fulham. If we have not, better off just ignoring everything football until the Champions League games midweek to be honest.

Let’s be optimistic and assume we get three points against Fulham though. Chelsea might not be convincing against Liverpool but definitely was the better side. Tuchel seems to have been able to use the pieces he has a lot better than Lampard. He has a deep squad at his disposal and has been able to select the right mix to get the job done helping Chelsea fighting for the top 4 once again. As a Liverpool fan, while we might want both blue sides to lose, we might have to settle for a draw that would benefit us the most. Big game for both teams as well as anyone else involved in the chase to the Champions League spots.


That is it for this week. This might be a rare occasion where an international break is almost welcome this year whereas we hated them last season as it took us away from the Reds. Maybe some of the fans in social media will come to their sense by then. Probably not but one can hope! Have a great weekend Reds! YNWA