Matchweek 25: Liverpool 0 – 2 Everton

Not going to bring up the refs. Not going to bring up injuries. We just got what we deserved from a quality standpoint. It hurts. Something tactically has to change. The lads look absolutely gassed.


Alisson– 6
Made some big stops to keep it close. Still looks dodgy on the ball.

TAA – 7
Looked our most likely to create anything going forward.

Kabak – 5
Burned for the first. Looked like he’d never played in shit English weather before. Early days. 

Henderson – 7
Now I just feel bad for complaining about wanting him back in the mids. Gonna be at least 6 weeks until we see him anywhere on the pitch.

Robertson – 5
Creating nothing but industry down the left. Troublesome.

Thiago – 5
A turnover machine in the first 15. Perhaps trying to do to much. I don’t know. Not the problem, but expected him to be part of the solution. 

Gini – 5
Never bossed it. Can only judge him by what’s surrounding him though and it’s all a bit broken, at the moment.

Curtis Jones – 5
Up and down. Lacked the confidence and urgency of the his last performance. 

Sadio – 6
Looked good, early second half when he played centrally. Rightfully told the ref to go do one. Got a yellow.

Bobby – 5

Had one run where he beat like 13 guys and then narrowly missed. That was it really. 

Mo – 6
Did some nice work with Trent. Looked like he might get us back into it. It just never came off.


Phillips – 7 (‘30)
Won everything in the air. Guilty of getting sucked up field on the second goal.

Shaq – 4 (‘72)
Pretty shite weather for someone with hair plugs.

Origi – N/A
Let’s just watch some Southampton match highlights, shall we?