FA CUP Round 3 : Aston Villa 1 – 4 Liverpool


Kelleher – 6
That feeling when you’re day dreaming and about to nod out and then someone asks you a question that you’re supposed to respond to. That was that feeling Kelleher had when the Villa lad came bearing down one on one. Nothing else to do the rest of the match. 

Neco – 6
Thought he did a job 2nd half. Got forward well and defended resolutely. 

Rhys– 5
Well, that won’t help quiet the noise about dipping into the transfer market. Caught out on a high line and then beaten for pace.

Fabinho – 6
Did ok. If ever there was a game to get forwarded and have a go, though…

Milner– 6
Decent, deputized in the dreaded fullback role. Probably had a time telling dad jokes though so… 

Gini – 6

Missed a sitter. Later passed one in for our 2nd. Mixed bag but better second half. Like everyone.

Henderson – 5
Pretty disappointing on the day, considering the inexperience he was up against. Uncharacteristically wasteful in possession and slow in distribution. One to forget.

C. Jones – 6
I honestly think I’d be more worried if he hadn’t had a dip in form. Great ball in for the first goal. Great ball in for what should have been the 2nd (thanks, Gini.). Drifted out of the game after. Definitely guilty of trying to do to much at times. But then we also slate him for not doing enough so…

Minamino – 5
Spent the first half figuring out where Klopp wanted him to play. Hit google translate in the dressing room at half and was much better in the 2nd.

Mane – 6
Still not at his best. Mad how many he scores with his head though.

Salah – 5
Still not at his best. Mad how he can’t pick his head up every once in a while.


Thiago – 8 (‘46)
Just a series of inch perfect passes through spaces no one else sees. I’m not sure what love feels like. But I’m a bit tingly down there. Yeah…  I think this is love. 

Shaq (attack) – 7 (‘61)
Waddles out and gets two assist in four minutes. The creativity went up a few leagues with him and Thiago out there. “Does this checker board pattern make my legs look thin?” 

Bobby – (‘61)
Did some bits. Injected some energy and more link up play.

Ox / Origi – (‘74)