Matchweek 13: Liverpool 2 – 1 Tottenham – Player Ratings

Beat Spurs, beat VAR, beat Anthony Taylor, beat that smarmy look right off puffy, jacket wearing, Jose. Top of the league with the world tilted against us. A defiant two fingers up.


Alisson – 7
Did well to come out and snuff out chances on the counter. Huge stop on Ali late on. 

TAA – 7
Far from peak Trent, but one of his better defensive performances against some huge pace in Son & Bergwijn. 

Rhys– 9
Felt like he won everything. Then the stats start rolling in. 13/13 duals won. That’ll do fella. That’ll do. 

Fabinho – 8
Starting to do that big Virg thing where he makes it look ridiculously easy. Who knew we were playing the next best center back in the world as a holding mid this whole time? AHA! 

Robertson – 8
Absolutely rabid, today. They’re going to have to replace the turf up the left side of the pitch in the morning. What a corner for the winner. 

Gini – 9
Banged all game. Dealt with Aurier, Hojberg and the balded headed twat, Anthony Taylor. Consistently broke up the counter and smartly recycled possession. Equally dangerous going forward.

Jordan Brian Henderson – 8
Particularly influential first half, when the ball was really humming around the pitch. Completely neutralized Sissoko and handcuffed Hojberg.

Curtis Jones – 9
Another sterling performance. Got stuck in and was absolutely fantastic going forward. A bit of shithousery as well. May have very well played himself into the world’s best team as a teenager. Let that sink in.

Mane – 6
The effort is there. Two hammers for feet right now. Needs to get on that green tea diet or whatever the Brazilian boys are doing. 

Firmino – 8
You couldn’t write a better script. Game winner. Bobby running to the Kop end, all sweat and teeth. Cue the titanic music. Thought he did the Lords work in the mids again. So creative going forward with it. Made. Up.

Salah – 7
Gets his goal despite being man marked by three Spurs and Anthony Taylor all game.