Matchweek 12: Fulham 1 – 1 Liverpool – Player Ratings

Well, that wasn’t any fun at all. Everyone looked legged. None more than the players rested mid-week! A good blink and a rub of the eyes. Onto the next.


Allison – 8
Any other keeper in goal and it’s 3-0 Fulham going into half. Incredibly sharp return. Had no chance on the goal scored. 

TAA – 5
One to forget for Trent. Popped up in dangerous spots but couldn’t string a pass or get a cross in. Lookman had his way with him. Subbed with 20 to go. 

Matip – 6
Yeah. Probably can’t play him twice in the same week. Re-aggravated an old geocaching injury. Off at half. 

Fabinho – 7
Came up big another of times when the pitch was tilted against us. Well timed challenge, after well timed challenge. 

Robertson – 6
Can’t remember ever seeing him looked so gassed. Needed a whatsapp message from Trent. 

Gini – 5
Ghosted for large portions of the game. When he did pop up, he looked like he was bailing out a sinking ship with a spoon.

Jordan Brian Henderson – 6
The rare dud of a midfield performance. Missed seeing Taki open for a tap-in, missed a goal from 4 feet away. But better pulled back later in the center back role?! I don’t even know what’s happening anymore.

Curtis – 7
Playing himself into the starting XI, injuries or no injuries. Looked to be the only one driving possession forward at times. A decent performance amidst the mire.

Mane – 5
Concerning form. Everything a half a yard off. 

Firmino – 6
Soaked up deep in the mids. Disrupted Fulham’s play out of the back a bit but just not enough cohesive possession coming out of our mids to provide the link-up. Went vintage bobby when he slipped in Hendo for what should have been a goal.

Salah – 6
Another one looking leggy. First touch was all hammers. Even the pen was shite to be fair.  


Minamino – 6 (45’)

Thought he did fairly well. Took up some dangerous positions and distributed well. Better finishing from the rest of the squad on the day and he’s got an assist and we’re likely talking about how he might be good. Instead we’re talking about how he might be shit.

Neco – 6 (68’)
Brought the effort. Was decent. 

Origi – N/A (84’)
‘Origi time’ hits differently these days