Matchweek 11: Liverpool 4 – 0 Wolves – Player Ratings

Well cripes, that was the best YNWA I’ve heard sung in ages. Great to be back. Even if it’s in a limited capacity. The singing, the Klopp fist pump. All of it. Love, love, love…



Kelleher – 8
The caution on my optimism is fading. Some big reflex saves, good positioning, bravely came out in the air. He’s not even arsed if they can’t spell his name correctly on the back of the kit. 

Neco – 7
Thought he did really well containing both Neto and Traore. Both tricky, pacey players that cause vets problems. Well in, kiddo.

Matip – 8
Still my favorite Giraffe. When he came from Schalke the word was he was a set-piece threat and rarely injured. I’ll take the 50% hit on that. Birdwatcher, geo-cacher extraordinaire. Team weirdo. The legend grows.

Fabinho – 7
Probably a little lucky, Traore is all pace and no finesse when he goes down and whiffs early in the match. Made some huge interception and clearances down the stretch.

Robertson – 7
Gave Fab loads to do early first half when he decided he wasn’t coming back. Typical terrier-like work rate the rest of the way.

Gini – 8
I’m in it for the Big Virg goal celebration. Alright with the rest as well. Massively underrated in every regard.

The Captain – 8
Like a metronome. Sets the tone, keeps the time, and barks at everything else. Massive today. Was fully hoping he’d give Coady a good twatting.

C. Jones – 7
Pretty incredible lack of drop off between him and our regular starting XI midfield. Smart distribution, good off the ball movement, tracks back diligently, breaks up play, and has a rocket in his boot.

Mane – 7
Still causing fits. Still looking to break the goal drought. Thanks a lot, Semedo, ya donut.

Firmino – 7
That 30 yard up-field kung fu pass dropped on a dime is a whole vibe. As the kids would say.

Salah – 9
At his devastating best. Shredded that entire right side and when he wasn’t a direct goal threat he was creating space and creating chances.


Trent – 8 (68’)
Steps in after some time off and slots a ball through and creates a goal within 10 minutes of being on the pitch. Welcome back, my guy.

Jota – 7 (71’)
A handful of touches vs. his former club. Quiet on the whole.

Naby – N/A (81’)
Hiya, pal.