Champions League GPR2: Liverpool 0 – 2 Atalanta

The pendulum swings. Feels like only a couple of days ago, the worst individual performance was above average. Today’s best felt like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife.

Alanis gets it.


Alisson – 7
Just looked like a disappointed father most of the night. That makes me sad.

Neco – 5
Did ok, defensively in a position that we ask a lot of. Poor going forward. Didn’t fancy the cross. And I didn’t fancy him cutting in and killing the attack on the rare occasion we had one. 

Matip – 6
With pipes like those, don’t know why we can’t get him to be more vocal. Surrounded by kids. Needed to step up today and didn’t.

Rhys – 6
Fell asleep for the second goal but didn’t do a ton wrong otherwise. 

The Greek lad – 6
One of brighter players on the day. One of the few who went forward with any urgency. Crossed in some beauts but Origi  was already in the clouds. 

Gini – 6
Choppy & disjointed both in and out of possession. Sort of embodied the rest of the team on the night.

Milner – 5
That’s a lot of minutes in one week on those aged, glorious yorkshire hammies.

CuJo – 6
Put in a hell of a shift. The end result was a mixed bag but at least the effort was there which is more than you can say for most on the night.

Mane – 5
Uncharacteristically off it. Like one of them nightmares where the monster who is going to swallow you whole is slowly gaining on you while you frantically, scramble without actually moving. Anyways…

Origi – 3
If you want someone to simply pull on a kit and jog it you’d have more fun watching my fat ass do it.

Salah – 5
Looked like a guy who put his safety before football and then was forced to quarantine for 10 days. Sorry. I meant to say “he looked rusty.”



Fabinho, Firmino, Jota, Robertson, Minamino – 6
Put a bunch of dudes in. Didn’t matter. It was swimming upstream. In cold water. Without your trunks…