Gameweek 9 is a welcome sight after an arduous International Break. Where to begin…

I am positive as Liverpool Fanatics, we have all had the time to gather our thoughts regarding injuries and the impact on our team nevermind your FPL team.

With no Salah for a couple of games who will you sub him out for? I went for the straight swap for our own SM10. Who will you give the armband to without Salah? Mane in for Salah seems a no brainer, however there are other options. Cheaper than Salah leaves us quite alot of wiggle room, he is the most expensive player in FPL at 12.3 mil. However let’s take a look at some cheaper alternatives.

Transfer Tips GW9

Bruno Penandez 10.6 mil.

The most bought player for GW9. 664,000 new owners! I know he plays for them lot and rooting for them to score does NOT sit well. However they get given penalties like it is going out of fashion!

Saaaadiooooo Mane 12.0 mil.

Decent record against the Foxes. Pinning my hopes on the Main Man Mane to get the job done for us this Sunday.

KDB 11.5 mil.

Big game for Kevin DeBruyne this weekend. With only 27 points this season it’s time to start seeing some form from the Belgian. The missed penalty was horrifically fantastic! Surely his form has to change.

Ziyech 8.2 mil.

Pretty good return from his first two starts. 25 points in two games is not to be sniffed at! Top player and could hit a stride now.

With so many midfielders to choose from who will you go for? Let us know in the comments or post a photo of your team.

Top 5 GW8 points

Robber FC 97
Grace C 91
Nikita Nikolayev 83
IrishNatPhillips 82
The Junkyard Dawg 81
S.S. Minamino 81
Barnes & Rush 81

We have a group of three sharing fifth on 81points, myself on 82 and Nikita on 83. But the plaudits go to Grace C and our current leader Robber FC in the 90’s! 91 and 97 respectively. Congratulations and well done everyone!!

GW8 Highest Points

Not pictured Fabianski 15 Points

The Bench boost making another appearance in POTW (points of the week) and showing this Fpl player a solid return. When will your squad be ready to wisely use it?

The AS Crew Top 5

It’s all tightening up amongst the AS Crew! Not much room for the friendly banter to begin quite yet, with alot of looking over our shoulders. Only a point separating Teuszy, myself and Timucin.

Ola 27th 465 points
Teuszy 36th 459 points
Jamie 37th 459 points
Timucin 40th 458 points
Paul 47th 452 points

The reigning champ is making his way north each week. Watch out folks, Ola *19 Times is stretching his legs!

The Top 10

97 points brings Robber FC to the Perch again!

Alot of familiar team names showing up in the Top Ten, but can anyone catch up to leader Robber FC this week?

Midfielders in form

How many are in your team?

Form can be a fickle thing, but can this lot kick on from the International Break? With this sort of form the price rises are sure to follow! Get in on the action before the price hike.

It will be an all out race until the next international break now. March seems like a lifetime away, but life has a funny way of flashing past and this busy football season is no different. The games will be coming thick and fast very soon. Good luck for GW 9 everyone, and let’s see if LFC cant do what Robbers FC had done and returned to the Top of the Tree!