Matchweek 8: Manchester City 1 – 1 Liverpool – Player Ratings



Alisson – 7
Did well enough in difficult weather. Came up with some big stops.

TAA – 7
Required to do a bit more defensively. Not a fan of the look on his face when he went down holding his calf. 

Matip – 8
Really solid for his first game back in ages. Probably our best centerback on the ball and showed good vision playing out. Outstanding return.

Gomez – 7

That marked 100 games for the club. And we’ve spent at least 80 of them bickering over whether he’s good enough. Likely needs to lop off both arms at the elbow if he’s going to be trying to defend crosses from coming in (with VAR at the ready). 

Robertson – 8
Turned Ferran into a ghost. Same for Silva. 

Gini – 8
Thought he was massively important today. He gave it away in some tough spots but he also consistently created an outlet with good transitions when City were pinning our ears back.

Henderson – 7
The formation limits him somewhat. But did what it asks, which is cover massive ground, break up play, distribute and organize from the back in really challenging conditions.

Firmino – 6
Say what you will. He’s well off it. But I don’t think it was a coincidence that City dominated midfield play and possession for large swaths of the second half, once he was off.

Mane – 9
Thought he was our most dangerous on the night. Absolutely bodied Walker all game. He’ll get due credit for the penalty earned but rolled his sleeves up and put in a shift defensively as well.

Jota – 7
Was bound to cool down. Seems to enjoy it more when he’s taking up central positions. Still a very solid performance. 

Salah – 7
Increasingly starved for chances as the match wore on. Smashed the pen though. 


Shaqiri – 6 (‘58)
Not as his best when he’s buried that deep in the mids defending. Wouldn’t want to be him, end the game on that free-kick and have Klopp and Milner in his ear.

Milner – 6 (‘63)
Kills the attack going forward as a fullback. I don’t know. That’s probably by design. Don’t exactly want him legging it back, trying to catch Sterling.