Weekly Predictor – Round 4

Do you all remember when I mentioned how wacky this Premier League season was the last two weeks? Ha! It would appear we had no idea what was really in store for us. This has been one of the wildest starts to a season in recent memory… and I am all about it!

Standings after Round 4

Call of the Week

TurkishStallion’s 3-1 Newcastle – Burnley score line receives the honor this week! It closely edged out Bickler and his 2-0 Southampton – West Brom prediction. The reason for this was  a couple of players correctly predicted a draw between Newcastle – Burnley. whereas everyone predicted Southampton would defeat West Brom. Nice call, TurkishStallion!

Team Wins

As far as the group goes, there were a few of good hits for us all. We all correctly predicted Southampton would beat West Brom, Wolves would take three points against Fulham, and that Arsenal would bounce back against Sheffield United with Top Dogg Sparka, The Wind, and ryanhorne1028 all correctly predicting the 2-1 score line to boot.

Group Stumps

Yikes. Everyone had Man City beating Leeds United, Leicester City taking care of the Hammers, and Liverpool… well, let’s not dwell on that shall we?

Top Dogg Sparka retains his yellow cap for the week with one caveat: he must share the cap with ryanhorne1028 as they both tied for the best week (I will leave it to them to decide which days you would like to wear it). On the other end of the stick, we have Sir Round5ound claiming the wooden spoon for the week (kshah25 and Rajajiv did not submit any picks).

Round 4 Scoring

We have the international break coming up now. Will we see defenses tightening up after the break? Or should I just start predicting 4-3 score lines for every match? Who will be the next team to give up six or seven goals?