The American Scouser FIFA Tournament

Our Inaugural American Scouser FIFA 20 Preseason Tournament was a complete success! For those of you who missed the tournament (or have no idea what I am talking about), let me give you a quick history on our Fantastic FIFA Face-off.

Last month we put out the call on our social media outlets, inviting any of our followers to sign up and compete against each other and our staff in one last FIFA 20 tournament before the new FIFA 21 is released this week.

We were happily surprised at the number of competitors who turned out, to say the least. Everyone was challenged to channel their inner Liverpool manager. We had a few Jurgen Klopps… and maybe one or two Roy Hodgsons.

The tournament started by separating the players into four groups, with a World Cup-like process.  Each competitor would face each team in their group once, with the top two teams from each group progressing to the knockout rounds.  Once there, the final rounds of the tournament were played in a single-elimination bracket.

Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D


There were some entertaining match ups from the group stage all the way to the finals. The tournament brought out some promising players and was quite fun, though some of the players got a bit competitive with their tactics and banter.  All in all, it was good laugh for everyone involved – but you could certainly tell everyone was in it to win it.

Despite some interesting upsets in the early rounds, the final came down to a match between deebee90 and bookie favorite TurkishStallion. None of us wanted TurkishStallion to win (though that is mainly because he beats the rest of the AS Staff in FIFA regularly and quite soundly).

To watch a replay of the final, click here.

In the end, the tournament favorite Turkishstallion took home the glory. He’s like the Pep Guardiola Sir Alex Ferguson Bill Shankly of American Scouser tournaments – no one can stop him!

Next month we will all get our chance to knock TurkishStallion off his perch. FIFA 21 is almost here, and with it will be our next American Scouser FIFA Tournament: The ’21 Autumn Scouser Cup. The Autumn Cup will be even bigger than the first. American Scouser will be sponsoring the event with some cool prizes from our Boot Room!


Now is your chance to sign up ahead of the pack and join our FIFA Discord Server for the latest updates and activities. Have a few games, chat with the guys a bit – here’s your chance to study potential opponents before the tourney and make some new friends while doing it!

We use Discord to organize matches, record match results, and of course talk a bit of trash to fellow players. It is almost like joining a secret Liverpool fan FIFA fight club… but the first rule of Liverpool fan FIFA fight club is you can talk about Liverpool fan FIFA fight club (Ed. – try saying that five times fast!).

We plan to kickoff the first rounds of the Autumn Cup on 1 November. The team selection order will be randomly drawn, and players will have a set amount of time to pick their side. This time we will only be allowing one player per team selection, so every competitor will be required to pick a different team (no more Liverpool vs. Liverpool with the winner facing Liverpool – sorry!).  Once the selections have been made, the matches will get under way.

It was fun communicating on Discord during the tournament, and most of the matches were also streamed on  Some of the games even gained a bit of an audience from players and non players alike. This is a fun time for all involved, and we encourage you all to join before 1 November!

I will be looking forward to knocking you out of the tournament!