Matchweek 4 : Aston Villa 7 – 2 Liverpool – Player Ratings

What in the shiny shite was that!?


Adrian- 3
I’m glad he made the save on Watkins in the 71st because I was beginning to think he was on someone else’s payroll. Set the tone with that whiffle ball to Joe when he should have just … (*checks notes) … cleared the danger.

TAA – 4
Consistently caught out. Not quick enough to close down. Over running plays. Like watching the ghost of Alberto Moreno. Shambolic

Joe Gomez – 3
Can’t put two good games together. Not capable of it. Didn’t look like he was arsed today. Second to everything. Eventually just gave up and decided that closing down people was for the birds.

Van Dijk – 5
Was he ill? Because he looked ill? Or at least like he would have rather been in bed.

Robertson – 6
Started the whole implosion with that dreadful ball back to Adrian. Did cause problems down the left.

Wijnaldum- 6
Worked his tail off. One of the few that seemed anywhere near caring about getting bullied by Villa.

Fabinho – 4
Endlessly turning it over in bad spots on the pitch. Even worse, routinely moved off the ball and bullied by Villa in the mids.

Keita – 5
Basically invisible. Which is better than being actively poor. I guess.

Jota – 6
One of the few bright spots going forward. Combined nicely with Robertson but just never able to put everything together at once. Faded as the game spiraled the drain.

Firmino – 6
Still unlocking defenses (see Salah’s second) but maaaaaan. Can we start banging in some goals? Spent the majority of the game stuck in the mids trying to bail out that sinking ship of a midfield.

Salah – 7
Class for both strikes. Shame he was surrounded by general incompetency all match.


Minamino – 6 (‘46)
Brought some needed energy and movement. Just too late to turn the tide.

Curtis Jones – 6 (‘61)
It’s a dark place to be when you’re asking a teenager to come in and put some bite into your midfield. He did it though…

Milner- 6 (‘68)
I guess if you’re going to ask a teenager to come put some steel. Going to the opposite end of the bench for the ageless wonder makes sense too…