Weekly Predictor – Round 3

Did Sir Round5ound finally lose his yellow cap this week?

Another week in the books! And what another wacky week it was, from penalties after the final whistle to penalties… to more penalties… to even more penalties. This is getting old. Alas, my job here is not to argue the legitimacy of the new handball rule, but rather provide an update on everyone’s favorite guessing game!

Best Call of the Week

I would love to sit here and say that someone predicted Manchester City would get obliterated by Leicester City, or that Chelsea would barely squeak by with one point against West Bromwich Albion; however, no one in our league anticipated those results. This week’s best call will be awarded to myself (TeuszyW) for the 3-2 Manchester United – Brighton & Hove Albion score line. Clearly, I knew that Man United would be awarded a penalty after the game had ended and accounted for that accordingly (thanks VAR). This week saw five exact score lines in total, three of which were from the Liverpool match  alone.

Team Wins

This was a rough week for the group as a whole. The only match that saw everyone correctly predict the result was Liverpool – Arsenal.  On top of the result, Sir Round5ound, TurkishStallion, and Top Dogg Sparka all correctly predicted the 3-1 final score.

Group Stumps

As I was writing up the report last week, I thought to myself that having three results unanimously incorrect is an impressive feat. Well, we bettered that record this week. The nine of us were completely stumped by four matches. All of us predicted Chelsea would get by West Brom with ease, and that Tottenham would earn three points against Newcastle (I mean, they really should have. COME ON VAR). Wolverhampton completely laid an egg against West Ham, and Man City were dominated by Leicester as Pep looked on,  upset that he had to witness another Jamie Vardy Party.

Results & Standings

It is with great pleasure that I announce the passing off the yellow cap! Top Dogg Sparka was the “Top Dog” this week with 10.5 points, beating out Sir Round5ound by 1.5 points to claim the cap. However, with such consistent weeks, Sir Round5ound was able to extend his overall lead against the rest of the league, and now enjoys a 6.5-point gap to second place.  The Wind holds on to the wooden spoon. I have been told he will put it to good use by baking Roy Keane a cake to console him.

At this point, I am not sure what to expect next weekend. Have you been predicting scores at home? How have you been doing? Let us know!