Weekly Predictor – Round 2

Matchweek Two! Honestly, I don’t know why I am adding an exclamation point as if it is something to be excited about – it was abysmal, at least for me. For all of you that were rooting for me after last week, you probably should stop and choose a different horse before it gets worse.

We had a wacky week of scores in the Premier League. It is fair to say most of us were not expecting such a goalfest this week, with scores the likes of 5-2, 5-2, 4-3, 4-2. Well, none of us expected it but one (damn you, Sir Round5ound)! We welcomed two new competitors to the league (Top Dogg Sparka and Bickler) who received default points for Matchweek One upon entering, and brought the total number of participants to nine. The more the merrier! Unfortunately, that leaves the door wide open now for me to eventually finish ninth, rather than seventh.

               Round 2 points

Best call of the week

Sir Round5ound had himself another stellar week with two exact picks. One being the Man City – Wolves game and the other, more impressively, the 4-2 Leicester City – Burnley game. Kudos to you, sir! You may keep your yellow cap for another week.

Team Wins

All nine members chose Everton to get three points over West Brom, however, no one guessed the score correctly. The group unanimously chose Leeds to defeat Fulham on their first home Premier League game in 16 years. Bielsa-ball seems to be sweeping the attention of fans worldwide! Everyone successfully had the Gunners topple the Hammers, with Bickler being the only one to correctly predict the 2-1 score.

Group Stumps

There were some games that stumped all nine of us. None of us predicted Newcastle would stumble against Brighton, that Aston Villa would upset Sheffield United, nor that Crystal Palace would leave Old Trafford with three points. We are certainly not complaining about that last result though. Ole’s at the wheel, but the bus is lost! Maybe the third kits are the perfect uniform to blend into the wild after getting embarrassed this season.

As mentioned earlier, Sir Round5ound was able to hang on to his yellow cap for another week. Unfortunately for The Wind, it’s another wooden spoon for you. 36 more weeks to pass that off to me though.

If it is any consolation, I was the only member to correctly predict Liverpool’s 2 – 0 victory over Chelsea. It was the most important result of the week, so I think extra points for me are deserved, right?