Fantasy League helpful tips

With only a matter of days left to get your team in order and ready for GameWeek 1, here at American Scouser Fantasy Premier League Cup 2020 we aim to give you some insight into building a winning team.

First off, pick your team. Easy right… well as you may have guessed it’s not as straightforward as you’d imagine.

It’s a fine line you must tip toe between star studded quality, value for money and squad fillers. Heres a look at the most selected players in the entire fantasy community.

First up Forwards. With Chelsea’s over indulgence in this season’s transfer window most have looked to Werner to secure themselves points week in week out. A massive 45% have opted for Timo. The others in top 5 offer more value, excluding Martial. Mitro commands 27.9 %, Ings has 25.9 % and Jimenez with 20% of entire population owners.

Value for money. From FPL App.

In midfield we have some position changes which eagle eyed viewers will have already taken advantage off.

Midfield selection percentages. From FPL App

Doherty is now a spurs player. From FPL App

The defense is looking very red indeed. With Big Virg and Trent making the top 5 most selected players. Trent with a whopping 53 percent of owners, can almost guarantee a decent return in any situation whether through clean sheets, assists and even the rare goal.

So that’s the big hitters, but as always you cant have a team of stars. You just cant afford it. So who can bridge the gap for you on a budget?? A newly promoted side perhaps? Or favorites from last year Sheffield United could offer a few talented players for cheap. The options are endless, but further help can be found in the Official Premier League App with The Scout! Remember you have a free transfer to use every week, and if u choose to not use it one week itll be there along with another free transfer next week.

The next issue to maximize your potential for points will be formation. In order to get the most out of your squad you’ll need to have an 11 that can maintain a level of points each week. Using a loaded midfield can boost your points by simply having more attackers on the field. Try using a 3-5-2 or similar to maximize attacking options.

Now that you’ve picked your squad, and picked your formation to suit your needs…It’s time to choose your first Captain’s armband. The armband gives your player that week double points, unless of course you risk it for triple captain. Which you guessed it…. triple points for one week to the Capt! But use wisely as you’ll only get one triple captain.

Good luck to everyone and dont forget to get your friends tagged in on the action. Afterall points mean prizes this season. Stay alerted to your FPL app and notifications to make sure you dont miss a GameWeek deadline. Ofcourse as always Turn on, Tune in and Kop out with and stay ahead of the rest with our tips and tricks!

League Code: 1r9fzp