The American Gerrard- Liverpool: The Movie

(Hollywood Movie Announcer voice) A team of rag tag underdogs, living in the shadows of past success, overcome a 30 year title drought to beat the odds and become English Champions. Coming to a theater near you summer 2023… LIVERPOOL: THIS MEANS MORE!

When you look back over the past few seasons, the story of Liverpool’s rise to World Champions is truly an epic story, one clearly worthy of its own Hollywood Blockbuster. Like all great sports movies, we have the charismatic coach able to inspire the unthinkable. We have the heartbreak and betrayals of any great Hollywood script. We even have a kick ass sound track that writes itself.

As of writing this story, to my knowledge, there are no Liverpool Football Club movies in the works. Just for shits and giggles I decided to take a step into an imaginary world were Hollywood does decide to make a movie about this Legendary Liverpool side. Who would be cast to play some of the iconic characters in our Liverpool story? I hope you enjoy reading my comedic cast list I put together.

The Cast


Jurgen Klopp

There is really no argument over who the leading man would be in a Liverpool Football Club movie. It has to be Jurgen Klopp. Who could play our German Mastermind? This selection really took some careful research. I was originally leaning towards Christoph Waltz. He’s a great character actor. His role in Django: Unchained reminds me of Klopp. However, after further consideration, he does not look enough like Klopp (and he is probably too short to be believable as a former pro). So I happened to stumble across this photo of Hugh Jackman looking (in my opinion) identical to Klopp. After some consideration, I am ok with Klopp and Wolverine sharing the same actor; they definitely have a few similar characteristics. But could Jackman do a decent German accent?

Sadio Mane

Liverpool’s front three are an important part of the team and of course their casting has to be dead on. I was watching the movie Gladiator recently and noticed Maximus’ trusted gladiator pal Juba looks a bit like Sadio Mane. Djimon Hounsou, who plays Juba, has acted in many action movies and looks to have the right physique to pass for a professional footballer.

Mo Salah

Over the years, there have been other lists created comparing famous footballers to their celebrity lookalikes. The general consensus is that Jason Mantzoukas looks like Mohamed Salah. I can really see the similarities. And an actor with a more comedic background might be perfect for the Salah-Lovren bromance scenes.

Bobby Firmino

I will admit Bobby Firmino is an absolute nightmare to cast. I was so desperate for a good suggestion that I ended up posting online in a Liverpool group to see what other people thought. The most popular response was Bobby Firmino should play Bobby Firmino (eyeroll). Sometimes you have to find those lesser-known celebrities to really have the best cast. After searching all over the internet, I decided on Mexican-American actor Julio Macias from the Netflix series On My Block. I have personally never watched the series, though I think these two look enough alike.

Macias even pulls off the Firmino’s “Samuel L. Jackson-look.

Jordan Henderson

If you have seen Suicide Squad (reviews aside), you may have noticed the actor playing Rick Flag looks a bit like Jordan Henderson. Joel Kinnaman has the experience of playing the leader of a squad as commander of the Suicide Squad. He knows how to play a character who follow orders and see that his squad gets the job done.

James Milner

Holt McCallany looks a lot like James Milner. He is a great actor with numerous roles in movies and television. I have no doubt he could play Milner… but does he drink Ribena?


I know my selection for Fabinho is going to get a lot of criticism but here goes anyways:  a skinny, tan Vin Diesel as Liverpool’s defensive midfielder Fabinho. I think the description says all I need to say. My second choice Fabinho would have to be Amaury Nolasco, but who would say no to having Vin Diesel as your defensive midfielder?

Virgil Van Dijk

Now we need someone capable of living up to the greatness that is Virgil Van Dijk. I was browsing through different photos and found a picture of clean shaven Jason Momoa who looks a lot like big Virg (in my opinion). His commanding presence and popularity with the ladies would help bring in movie viewers. Besides, we would have Aqua Man in our back line!

Andrew Robertson

At first while casting Andy Robertson I was thinking Andrew Garfield. But then I found this meme online comparing Liverpool’s left back with Matt Dillion… though he is probably too old these days. What about Tom Holland? Why does Andrew Robertson remind me of Spiderman?

Trent Alexander Arnold

The actor who will play Trent Alexander Arnold in my movie is between two choices: Everybody Hates Chris star Tyler James Williams and Shad Moss (aka rapper Bow Wow). After finishing this article, I took a second look and decided Lil ‘ Bow Wow would make a better Raheem Sterling, so looks like Tyler James Williams has been officially cast in the role!

Divock Origi

Obviously any Liverpool movie is going to have to depict a reenactment of the famous “Corner Taken Quickly” and Liverpool’s Champions League triumph. You need the right actor to play Divock Origi, and I have selected none other then Michael B. Jordan.

Alisson Becker

Alisson Becker has been a superhero in goal, so why not cast his lookalike Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor)? I had been leaning towards Bradley Cooper or Rodrigo Santoro, but both of those actors seem too short.

Supporting Cast

Honorable mentions go to the following side characters and acting cameos:

  • Robin Thicke as Steven Gerrard
  • Diego Tinoco as Coutinho
  • Tom Cruise as Lionel Messi
  • Stanley Tucci as Pep Guardiola
  • Andy Serkis as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
  • Bow Wow as Raheem Sterling

There you have it: my fantasy cast for a Liverpool movie. You never know what could happen. If you disagree with my casting decisions or think you have better suggestions, comment below and maybe I’ll add your cast to the sequel!


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