Matchweek 35* Liverpool 1 – 1 Burnley: Match Ratings

That one stings. Home record’s gone. Likely the season points total as well. Felt like we had to go through a 10 man low block with Dr. Manhattan in goal and a referee uninterested in giving us anything. But that’s Burnley. Well drilled, grafters. We deserved more. But that’s football.

Alisson – 8
Came out well (when he wasn’t being held by a Burnley player) and made some big stops second half. Probably surprised Monday Night RAW came a few days early.

Neco – 7
Thought he held his own nicely. Got up the pitch into dangerous areas and back well in defense. Encouraging performance.

Gomez – 8
Maddening how he toggles between shaky and solid, innit? Looked steady even with Burnley bombing ball over the top and Robertson and Virgil turning the ball over in bad spots for ‘em.

Van Dijk – 7
Some uncharacteristic, poor passing across the back. Still won everything in the air against a really tall, physical Burnley side.

Robertson – 9
Got in dangerous areas all game. Provided a couple of balls into the box that should have had finishes. Unreal header for the opening goal. Dogged in defense. Sterling on the day.

Curtis Jones – 7
Never looked out of place. Perhaps could have been a hair quicker in his distribution. But did so with accuracy and creativity. Uncharacteristically failed to get a couple of chances on frame. Impressive off the ball and in his defensive work in the mids.

Fabinho – 8
Looked like a general. Cleaning up in the back, breaking down the lines with precision passing. Lovely ball in for the goal. Loves himself a chip over the top. Was everywhere.

Gini – 6
Quiet game. Limited turnovers, broke up play and had some nice combination play with Mane and Robertson but never created enough going forward.

Mane – 7
Pressed his socks off, made the runs. Just a hair off everything.

Firmino – 7
Fecking ‘el. That close to breaking the Anfield duck. It’s a different match at 2-0. Was at the center of everything until the equalizer.

Salah – 7
So unlucky not to have had one by the half. Probably wanted to kick Pope in the shins on the way in at half-time. Did that thing where he tries to single-handedly win a match when things start to unravel. Unlike him to send sitters into the parking lot.


TAA – 7
Definitely added danger. Bombed forward, pumped balls into the box. Could have used him over that free kick earlier.

Naby – 6
Everything was just a bit off. To be fair it was clear he was looking to win the game with home run balls through. Unable to impact things with play pushing out wide.

Ox – 6
Change of formation without much time left. We know he can hit it from range and brings something to the frontline press. Just couldn’t make the difference on the night.