Matchweek 34 – Brighton 1 – 3 Liverpool : Match Ratings

Alisson – 7
Comes high off his line and out of the box and didn’t use his hands this time! NICE!

TAA – 6
I don’t know, man. Had some nice balls in. Didn’t seem as menacing going forward and got caught on the ball a few times. Released his man on the buildup to the goal conceded.

Gomez – 6
Sloppier than usual on the ball. Did that thing where he fouls a guy on the worst spot on the pitch (outside of the box, of course). Maybe could have been tighter on Trossard but I’d put that goal on 3 other reds, before I’d put it on him.

Van Dijk – 8
Does that thing where he’s just playing keepy uppy with himself. Calmly chases down Connolly when he’s through on goal. Sublime distribution. An absolute boss. Happy Birthday, big fella.

Williams – 6
Started brightly. Looked up for it before he found himself being sucked in centrally. Did well to save a goal with a last second, diving block. Lamptey’s pace gave him fits, and his positioning gave Klopp fits. That plus the yellow saw him get the half-time hook. Right footed, teenager starting out of position. Deserves a bit of rope.

Keita – 9
I don’t know what else you’d want. That’s a complete midfield performance. Essentially tucks the game away in under 8 minutes with his pressing. Continuously broke up play and transitioned play quickly on the counter.

Henderson – 8
Like a fucking Roomba. Cleaned up everything. When he wasn’t smashing it in from 20 yards he was busting a gut 60 yards back to cover our fullbacks. Holding my breath on that knee though …

Gini – 7
Had one of those games where you think he’s not really doing much but you’re pretty sure he is. Grafted all game without the turnovers that have plagued him in his past couple outings.

Ox – 6
Gave us the gas on the pressing to start the game off. Never looked comfortable up top though and did little to help Neco when Brighton countered. Another worrying misfire.

Firmino – 8
Ultimate team guy. Not many strikers would have left that ball for Salah. I would have smashed it. Samba’d through the midfield, first half, doing all the tricks and flicks. An absolute maestro pulling strings on the counter. Faded a bit down the stretch.

Salah – 9.5 (MOTM)
Looked on it 30 seconds in and never really let up. Absolutely unplayable on his day. Honestly, it’s not even fair. Pace and precision. Absolutely shredded the entire right side of that Brighton lineup.


Robertson – 7
Noticeably stabilized the left side. Held Lamptey mostly in check and delivered a nice ball into Salah from the corner for the third.

Fabinho – 7
Fecking lasers that ball over the top to Salah. Drool*

Mane – 6
Did some nice things. Including the yellow for smashing Lamptey in the mug.

Milner – 6
Came on for 10 minutes of running around and twatting Brighton players. I was into it.

Minamino – N/A
Do we get to call him the Takumi ‘Tache now? ‘Cause that needs to be a thing.