Campiones vs Manchester City Preview

Good Day Fellow Reds!!!! Well it here it is. Finally. After thirty long years. Its ours! Destiny Delivered! The Champions of Europe, the World, and now England. Does it get any better? Yes, yes it does. The fact that Abu Dhabi FC are the ones that have to give us our first Guard of Honor out of seven is just the icing on the cake…or the gravy on the mash if you like. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!! Even better is that no good snake rat bastard Sterling has to line-up and applaud the teammates that he left to go be at a “Bigger Club”…Well guess what bro. Because your finishing is still shit, and the fact that you hit the post, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND!!!! Between him, Suarez, and Coutinho, karma sure has gotten around in the last twelve months! Anyone heard from Emre Can recently?

Anyway…The Champs go to the truly Emptyhad on Thurs to take on the presumed runners up in the league. Liverpool look to continue to shatter every record on the books in the run in. They have currently 86 points. ADFC have…well it doesn’t really matter how many points they have does it? You know why? Because we’re “CAMPIONES CAMPIONES OLE OLE OLE!!!” The weather at the time of our coronation is slated to be around 60 degrees with a 20% chance of rain. It will have rained earlier in the day to the lead up, but I’m sure that just would be just Liam, Noel’s and every other Mancs tears. All the action starts at the 3:15pm EST on NBCSN, but I would tune in sooner to witness the history.


Really, the only one that makes the report for Liverpool is Joel Matip, with a toe. Joel said today that he is likely done for the year, and that make you wonder if that means his time is over at the club. Even with Lovern likely to be gone also, you still have Gomez, Ki-Jana Hoever and Sepp Van Den Berg waiting in the wings. Maybe you take a flyer on a free-transfer at CB. Just like how we got Matip in the first place. And that player can back up Gomez for depth. And with the title clinched,  Klopp can afford to give invaluable playing time to some of the youngsters. Although, I think Hoever’s talent on the ball will eventually move him out of the back.

For ADFC, Aguero is out with knee surgery on his Meniscus. One has to wonder if his days at the club are closer to the end than the beginning or even the middle for him. That’s a tough injury to come back from, and at 32 years of age, and a slight stature that relies on quickness, his best days look to be behind him. Also out is Eric Garcia. His head got the Johnny Cage fatality treatment from the ever reckless Ederson a couple weeks back.

Previous Form

Liverpool’s form from the last five league matches are as follows. W(4-0 CP). D(0-0 Eve). W(2-1 Bourn). L(3-0 Wat). W(3-2 WHU).

ADFC’s form from the last five league matches are as follows. L(1-2 Chels). W(5-0 Bourn). W(3-0 Ars). L(0-2 Scum). W(1-0 Lei).

Lineup and Prediction

The lineup for the Champions-Elect will look like this. Alisson in the net. Robbo at LB. Virg anchoring the CBs with Joe by his side. That’s also a nice side story.

With Joel out, Gomez has to get the start. And who can forget when that little T-Rex armed weasel got his panties in a bunch after Joe brushed him off like a gnat at a barbeque, and Sterling stared him down eye to chest. Then got dropped from the England side…stay classy..

Execute order 66 will be on the right. The middle three should be Hendo, Gini, and Fabinho. Although it would be nice to see Milly get the start against the Club that let him go, and now he’s a European Champ, Super Cup champ, World Champ, and English Champ. The front three is as sure as the League is ours. Sadio, Bobby and Mo.

My prediction is we win. ADFC have the FA Cup to still play for, so I wouldn’t be surprised for Pep to wave the white flag in this one. I would really be surprised if Sterling starts..Not that Pep wouldn’t choose him, but we all know how that little scared, injury faking, nos huffing piece of steaming garbage faces adversity..

MOTM will be Sadio. Pulisic terrorized the right side of the defense, and I can’t see why Sadio won’t do the same!

Well guys here it is. 30 years. Through the slip, and the one point season defeat last year. Its ours. Its coming home. Destiny delivered. OHHHHH CAMPIONE, THE ONE AND ONLY, WE’RE LIVERPOOL!!!