Rating Every Jurgen Klopp Signing- Part 2

Mohammed Salah (signed June 22, 2017)
Price- £43,900,000
Rating: 10/10
After being seen as a Premier League “reject” from his short time at Chelsea, Mohammed Salah made a name for himself in Rome, catching the eye of Jurgen Klopp. In his first season back in the Premier League, Salah won the golden boot, silencing his critics and guiding Liverpool to a top four spot. In his second season he was also joint top scorer in the Premier League, also guiding Liverpool go European glory. Mo Salah has scored some crucial goals for the club and is a natural goal scorer. He’s loved by the fans and always manages to stay humble, making him an ideal player.

Dominic Solanke (signed June 22, 2017)
Price- £4,000,000
Rating: 3/10
Dominic Solanke came in as a secondary attacking option to the Brazillian Roberto Firmino. Having impressed in the U-20 world cup, Solanke had a lot of promise. However, failing to make his mark with high competition in the squad, Solanke failed to live up to expectations. He was later sold to Bournemouth for £19,000,000 giving Liverpool a net profit.

Andrew Robertson (signed July 21, 2017)
Price- £10,000,000
Rating: 10/10
For years Liverpool had struggled in defence, and Andy Robertson was brought in in hopes of tightening up the Liverpool defence. Coming from a relegated Hull side, the signing definitely raised a few eyebrows. However, Robertson has proven to be a world-class defender, perhaps one of the best in Europe. He is dangerous going forward and solid defensively, giving Liverpool something they had lacked for years.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (signed August 31, 2017)
Price- £35,000,000
Rating: 7/10
After being played out of position for too long at a failing Arsenal, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was ready for a move. In came Liverpool who signed the attacker to give them some more squad depth and an increased attacking edge. Unfortunately, Oxlade-Chamberlain’s Liverpool career has been filled with long-term injuries. That being said, every time he has played, Oxlade-Chamberlain has looked dangerous, driving with the ball with pace into the oppositions half. He has also scored some memorable goals, including two from outside the box in a couple of matches against Manchester City. He’s now fit again, and hopefully he’ll be able to make a impact on the Liverpool team.