Liverpool vs Everton Preview

Good day fellow Reds!!!! Finally, after 102 days, the Reds are back in action in the Merseyside Derby. I don’t think there is a better way to come back after this long hiatus. The Men in Red currently sit atop the table with 82 points and Neverton are hovering in mediocrity with 37 points, and are in 12th position. Liverpool makes the trip across Stanley Park and restart the Championship run-in at Goodison. Richarlison showed his ass earlier this week by making some off the cuff remarks about Big Virg. Its okay, he’ll be back in his pocket in no time. The weather at kickoff looks to be pristine, with temps in the low 60s and only a 20% chance of rain. The match is a 2 pm Eastern time and can be seen on NBCSN.


Other than a maybe a knock for Mo and Robbo, all is quiet on the injury front for us, which is great news coming off a long break and then getting back into training.

For the Bitters, Morgan Schneiderlin is out with a Meniscus injury. Yerry Mina has an Achilles issue. Theo Walcott recently had Abdominal surgery, and Fabian Delph is out with a muscle injury. Richarlison should be good to go after coming down with Diarrhea of the Mouth, and Pickford’s hands still haven’t grown, but he should get the start in goal.

Previous Form

It’s hard to take anything from the run of games we had before the shutdown, but anyway here’s how both clubs performed in their previous five league matches.

LFC- W(2-1 Bournemouth). L(0-3 Watford). W(3-2 West Ham). W(1-0 Norwich). W(4-0 So’Ton).

Everton- L(0-4 Chelsea). D(1-1 Scum) L(2-3 Arsenal). W(3-1 CP). W(3-2 Watford).

Lineup and Prediction

Pretty sure Karius hasn’t beaten out Alisson yet, so safe to say Alisson will start in goal. Assuming Andy’s fine, it’ll be him, Virgil, Matip, and Trent in the back. The midfield three will be Fab, Hendo(welcome to the 30 club btw), and Milly. Look for the front three to return to the glories of the past with Sadio, Bobby, and Mo.

As for the scoreline, I see this match starting off slower with both teams trying to find their legs early. With that being said, water always finds it level, the bug never beats the windshield, Everton never wins trophies, and they won’t beat us here. Lets go 3-0 Reds, and move us 3 points away from Destiny. MOTM  goes to Sadio.

On a side note, Richarlison better get something for Virgil for Sunday, seeing its Father’s Day and Virg’s is gonna be his daddy for 90+.

Welcome Back Reds. Its been far too long. Destiny not denied, only Delayed!