Berlin is the first international OLSC group we are featuring on our site and we definitely selected a great group to spotlight for the first stop on our international tour. We spoke to Andre Volkel, the chairman of OLSC Berlin, about some of the challenges and advantages of having an OLSC in a European City. A lot of unique aspects of the group in Germany not only due to the effect of Jurgen Klopp but also the competition LFC can face from Bundesliga.

Andre also leads the www.redmenfamily.de , a group uniting all the official and unofficial LFC groups in Germany. They have organized great events some of which are featured on their youtube channel. 

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Twitter: Berlin Reds

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Who Got Our Six? American Scouser Podcast

The trio discusses the City game and looks in the crystal ball to predict how the team will evolve in formation and ideal 11
  1. Who Got Our Six?
  2. The Grades Are In
  3. The Long Wait Begins
  4. Where Is The Width?
  5. Nice and Easy
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