“Divock Origi…What a man!” – Andy Robertson

That was all I could hear in my head when I saw the greatest defender in the world launch a rocket across the pitch only to be brought down with the softest touch and put away with the most clinical of finishes by the greatest center forward in the world! Okay, okay I’ll get off the gas. Yes, I was talking about Lovren and Origi and yes those titles may have been slightly exaggerated, but how good is this team? One of the most beautiful plays you’ll see all year and it was done by two men who aren’t even Klopp’s first choice at their own positions. How are they going to handle the fixture congestion? I don’t know, maybe get 3 goals out of rotational players? Oh man what a Derby it was. Let’s get into why I spent 2 hours at work hiding to watch this early Christmas present from our mighty Reds

Klopp had the internet buzzing with his choice of starting 11. I personally loved it even before the match started, but there were plenty of skeptics out there. I stopped questioning Klopp a while back and I would advise anyone who truly loves this team to do the same. He really knows best and I fully trust in Klopp. The Liverpool staff know who needs rest and who needs minutes and who’s fit to do the business. Moving on.

How did we get so lucky to be blessed with Sadio Mane? I know he missed a few automatics, but his assists easily overshadowed any mistake he made. That first ball to Origi was so perfectly weighted and curled right around the defender that Divock just skated right by outstretched (or not, can’t tell they’re so short) arms of Pickford. The second goal was just so damn Liverpool. Trent with a another 60 yard laser into Mane’s chest (in stride) which Mane then drops another absolute dime to Shaqiri. There were 4 defenders in the immediate area but Mane put it in just the right spot and just the right pace so Shaqiri took that shot with no one to challenge. Yeah they scored. Don’t care. Next.

I’ve already spoken at length about our third goal so I’ll move on to the fourth.

Another classic Liverpool goal that let us all know that Klopp had the heavy metal turned up to 11 last night. Everton botch a corner, and Virgil heads it out to Sadio who gets Iwobi turned around and lost. Sadio then says, “Hey Trent take this and meet me in their box.” Trent dribbles down field and returns the ball to Mane who gives them the old hockey one timer. Bottom bin, its 4-1. Richarleson somehow gets a goal while missing a header right before half, but still it was never in doubt.

The second half was just a show of power. Sadio showed them just how many goals he could’ve scored by kindly placing his shots just out of bounds. After the blueshites were properly beaten and down, Klopp decided to send in the captain and Bobby to get a few kicks in. Henderson gave Sadio a long ball for the ages which he kindly, in the holiday spirit, placed just out of bounds. The pair then repeated the whole process. Hendo with a through ball Sadio in on goal….and he just dribbles it around. Oh well, Bobby and Gini would not be so kind. Firmino absolutely skins a defender then dumps is off to Gini who deals the final blow. All in all Liverpool 5 Everton 2.

For this match, I’m saying to hell with the stats! Let’s just enjoy the hell out of this one. Everyone looked good tonight, and the players who made up the changes from the normal starting 11 all looked great. Shaqiri, Mane and Bobby were playing Volta on those boys. Origi gave us a masterclass in finishing. There were some phenomenal passes from so many different players. This team is just so damn awesome! Nights like this one make me so happy they are like Christmas presents. It was truly a fun match to watch and to be honest I don’t think we’ve had very many of those lately. With the pressure continuously mounting, ever match has been more and more nerve wrecking than the previous. Derby night though, the boys came through and gave us an early Christmas gift. I am truly grateful for this team. Also, merry Christmas Everton! We are getting you a new manager! See you all this weekend as we go again. Up the Mighty Reds! Y.N.W.A.


-Chris Scott