5 Talking Points from Liverpool vs Everton

Timing for rotation

Seeing the lineup for the derby raised a lot of eyebrows. Resting Salah, Firmino, and Henderson while already missing Fabinho to injury and Becker to suspension was risky to say the least. 

In some ways, this was the best timing for a rotation. Anfield was always going to have a great atmosphere in a derby game and fielding this team was a less risky proposition. An Everton that was in shambles was a good team to rest key players against and Klopp was proven to be right once again. 

Squad Depth 

The Reds have come a long way in terms of squad depth over the last few seasons and this game was proof of it. Several players who have been questioned repeatedly showed why they were trusted in being part of this squad. During the summer, most fans wanted players like Lallana and Lovren sold to make room for new signings. Klopp values knowledge of the system and work ethic over other qualities. Our style of play requires better teamwork which only gets better with familiarity. Klopp is showing over and over again why it made more sense to keep the current squad together and get better instead of introducing new players with no knowledge of the system

Sacked in the morning

Seems like the Mentality Giants are also good at sending opposing managers to the unemployment line. Even during the broadcast, Silva’current lack of job security was brought up several times. An early substitution was a sign of a manager trying to do everything possible to save his job. The quality of Liverpool was superior to Everton even with several players being rested and the 5-2 score resulted in Silva’s sacking this morning. A beating from Liverpool results in yet another manager losing their job. Almost had to feel bad for Silva as it almost seemed like a calculated move by the Toffees not to bring out a new manager to face Liverpool and let Silva take one last punch before his TKO.

Mane running the show

Mane has been phenomenal this year. He seems to be doing it all from scoring important goals to providing key assists. Liverpool pounded Everton similar to how they demolished Barcelona by playing Shaqiri and Origi with Mane. Similar to the Barcelona game, this front trio was able to cause chaos thanks to the movement and high work-rate of Sadio. Mane is deadly on the break with his speed and change of direction. If it was not for some poor finishing, he could have had a hat trick against Everton along with his two beautiful assists. Mane’s work-rate and willing to pass attitude makes him perhaps the most influential part of the front three this season. 

The legend of Origi continues

What a player Divock is! He definitely loves the derby. Not only due to his two beautiful goals but he was a threat throughout the game. He used his speed and strength to cause Everton defense problems repeatedly and his clinical finishing showed once again why Liverpool has invested in him long term. His willingness to accept his current role and make the most of the opportunities he gets has to be admired. 2019 has been a great year for Divock and he has already become a legend for this club. With every appearance, he adds to his cult hero status with key goals and his humble attitude. Divock would have several opportunities as a starter at most other clubs in the Premier League but he chose to stay with Klopp and Liverpool where he has made a name for himself.