My Liverpool Story – Blair Barnett

Courtesy of OLSC-Austin, we are sharing some of their members’ profiles. Today we find out more about Blair Barnett and his Liverpool story.

  • Where did you grow up, and when did you come to Austin?

I was born in Austin way back in 1976 (yes people were born here).

  • How, when and why did you become a Liverpool fan?

I officially became a fan in 2008 after watching a lot of EPL replays of all the teams on Fox Soccer while studying. There was this one team who seemed a little scrappier and tougher than the likes of Arsenal or United, who were pretty dominant then, and a player on that team who I wish I could have played midfield like: Gerrard, of course. Once I learned more about the history of the club, the traditions and paid attention to “You’ll Never Walk Alone” I was hooked. We also have the best songs bar none. All my friends who support other clubs are a little jealous, actually, but that’s what they get for making bad decisions. 

  • Who’s your all-time favorite Liverpool player, and why?

Favorite player is Gerrard, because as I alluded to above he was the complete midfield player, was a local lad, had the loyalty to the club, and a true burning desire to win. Perfect captain. 

  • What was your most memorable Liverpool game, and why?

Favorite LFC match: Liverpool 4 – United 1 in 2008. The year I go with LFC as my club they go out and batter the scum to forever cement my loyalty. More recently the Dortmund home match in the Europa League near-miracle, and the City match last week!

  • What’s been your all-time favorite Liverpool season, and why?

Favorite season before this one: 13-14. SAS, loads of goals and the most entertaining Premier League team I had ever seen. As always, just wish they weren’t as “entertaining” with their leaky defense. This past season was by far the best. Most total points and seeing the European Cup lifted was heaven.

  • Have you ever traveled to Liverpool?

I have been to Anfield 3 times now including the 2-0 victory vs Chelsea in April where Salah had the goal of the year. Absolutely bonkers before and after the match. My favorite match now since I love beating Chelski and I was there in person.

  • Have you seen Liverpool play in the States?

I have not seen Liverpool in the States, but I did get to see Gerrard and the LA Galaxy play the Montreal Impact two years ago. 

  • How did you find out about the official Supporters Club in Austin, and how long have you been a member?

I found LFC Austin by noticing the Official San Diego LFC bar while on vacation, and then realized there must be an Austin group. Looked it up and man not only is there one, its the “best in the land”! I should have been a member years ago, but I joined in 2014. 

  • Who’s your favorite present-day Liverpool player, and why?

Sadio Mane. He hasn’t been as dominant lately but in person his balance, power, speed and strength were just unreal. Salah is much the same but Sadio has been here a little longer so he’s still my guy. I loved how, after watching one pre-season match before his first season, I thought he was already our best player and then he goes and scores that absolute smasher versus Arsenal in his first EPL match for us. Mane is always extremely dangerous even when not scoring and is one of the world’s most underrated footballers.

  • What’s your go-to source for Liverpool news?

            Favorite sauce: This Is Anfield. 

  • What do you do when you’re not cheering for the Reds?

When not cheering for the Reds I am an orthodontist and run my practice in the Cedar Park (Avery Ranch) area (Avery Orthodontics) along with teaching it in San Antonio part time on Fridays. In my free time I am a massive music fan (just about anything but country) and try to go to as many shows as possible, I enjoy trail running and mountain biking, travel and finally finding great new restaurants, breweries and bars to enjoy with my girlfriend, Kate. We are big craft beer and bourbon lovers.