My Liverpool Story – Dom Smith

Dom Smith is our latest profile in our My Liverpool Story section. Dom answered our questions on how he became a fan and his favorite moments as an LFC fan.


How did you become a Liverpool fan?
I’m originally from Norwich, Norfolk, England. But moved to London when I was 12….The reason I started following Liverpool…well, when I was 4 we emigrated to Canada, after 4 years there mum & dad split up and I came back to England with mum in 1974. A week before the FA Cup Final that year mum had a blind date and her date got me a Liverpool For The Cup flag/banner. The rest is history, and Thank god the Geordies didn’t win that final! Her date later became my stepdad, so everyone was happy!
Who is your favorite LFC player of all time?
My favorite player, hands down Kenny Dalglish. When he signed he had big boots to fill, replacing Kevin Keegan. Not only did he fill those boots, but he also became a true legend and one of the City’s favorite sons, after what he and his wife did following the Hillsborough Disaster, endlessly fighting for the victims and their families.
Where do you watch Liverpool games?
I always watch the games at home on my own, it’s kind of a routine and superstition of mine, plus I can swear at the tv without any repercussions!
Your favorite LFC game is…
My favorite game, has to be Istanbul 2005, the swing of emotion is hard to beat in any walk of life. Although Barcelona last year runs it close..
What is your favorite LFC goal?
My favorite LFC goal and I’m sure a lot of you will have to google this one. FA Cup quarter-final v Spurs at White Hart Lane, Terry McDermott dipping volley into the top corner, still gives me goosebumps as I just watched it again!!
Been to many Liverpool games and had a season ticket for a number of years, used to travel up from London and stay with friends. When I couldn’t make it, he’d sell the ticket for me so it was a win/win.
Have you ever watched the team live?
Weirdly enough, not seen them over here but want to take my 9 yr old daughter as she watches every game too.
How did you hear about American Scouser?
I found out about American Scouser through the LFC America group on Facebook.
Who is your current favorite player
My favorite current player has to be Trent, a young Scouser playing for his hometown team winning trophies- wow must be every little boy’s dream.
Where do you go for your Liverpool news and info?
My go-to place for Liverpool news is, an awesome site, with a lot of inside info, plenty of different topics, transfer rumors, banter, discussions etc.
How do you spend your time when away from LFC?
When I’m not cheering for the reds it’s obviously June-August, and as I mentioned earlier, I have a 9 yr old daughter to look after. So my time is taken up with her till the season starts again!