My Liverpool Story – Adi Anand

Courtesy of OLSC-Austin, we are sharing some of their members’ profiles. Today we find out more about Adi Anand and his Liverpool story.

  • Where did you grow up, and when did you come to Austin?

I grew up in New Delhi, south side, and moved to Austin in 1995 when I started at UT. I never left.

  • How, when and why did you become a Liverpool fan?

Although as a youngster in Delhi, I watched plenty of futbol, we didn’t have much access to the English leagues. In the mid-90s, in Austin, I started getting more access to games as well as year-end recaps on VHS. Upon watching some games and VHS tapes, I naturally gravitated towards the Liverpool team boasting Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Patrik Berger, Jamie Redknapp and the like. A few times witnessing the magic of pass ’n’ move, it’s the Liverpool groove, and I was hooked. It didn’t hurt that The Beatles are my favorite band and I’ve always had an affinity for Liverpool.

  • Who’s your all-time favorite Liverpool player, and why?

Robbie Fowler. He’s the main reason I became a Liverpool fan. Cheeky, prolific and naturally gifted, he had it all. I even started playing a lot more with my left foot because of him. He scored goals for fun during my first few years of fandom (and beyond), and inspired my own moves on the futbol field.

  • What was your most memorable Liverpool game, and why?

Probably have to go with a tie here. I started the Liverpool supporters club in Austin in 2001 (w/ official affiliation with LFC) and in 2003, when I went to England, I reached out to the club to see what my chances of scoring a ticket to the Worthington Cup final between Liverpool and Man U in Cardiff were. To my disbelief, I was told to call LFC legend Ian St. John to get a ticket – essentially, Ian could not go to the game and he gave me his ticket. So there I was, sitting with a bunch of legends and kids (probably legends’ kids), watching Gerrard and Owen score as we beat Man U 2-0!  In 2007, around 10 of us from the now (then) Texas supporters club went to see the last game of the season at Anfield, vs Charlton. Although a 2-2 draw, being there with some of the core folks who helped me get the supporters club off the ground and it being Robbie Fowler’s last match for Liverpool made it very special. 

  • What’s been your all-time favorite Liverpool season, and why?

I would say 2000-01 – we won the treble and it spurred me on to start the Supporters club in Austin in 2001.

  • Have you ever traveled to Liverpool?

Three times and counting!

  • Have you seen Liverpool play in the States?

Yes, in 2004, I met with then Liverpool CEO Rick Parry on how to grow the fanbase in the US and many from the supporters club, including Jonno, and Steven too, I believe, went to see Liverpool vs Celtic in Hartford, and Liverpool vs Roma in NYC. I missed the tour after that but was able to join the current crop of supporters in California last year for Liverpool vs Milan.

  • How did you find out about the official Supporters Club in Austin, and how long have you been a member?

I started the original edition in 2001, which started as the Austin supporters club, and on request from LFC, we made it the Texas supporters club a few years later. I remained President from 2001-2006 of Austin and then Texas. Eventually handed over the Texas reigns to Scott Harlan in Dallas but ran the Austin branch through 2009. Stoked for the new generation of supporters now and happy and proud to be a member of course!!

  • Who’s your favorite present-day Liverpool player, and why?

It would have to be Mo Salah at the moment. He’s been pure genius this year!

  • What’s your go-to source for Liverpool news?

Direct to the Liverpool twitter account always!

  • What do you do when you’re not cheering for the Reds?

 I work at Guerilla Suit, a design and marketing agency in Austin, and am the general manager for Hot Luck, a food and music festival in town. I also like cats and lunch a lot.