Enjoy the Silence

It is called silly season for good reason. Crazy rumors, wild predictions, obnoxious prices and theories are everywhere. 

Being a Reds fan in the summer of 2019 has a totally different feel than the year before. Coming off of a loss in the Champions League final, the club, as well as the fanbase, knew we were close but we needed more help. We had a major decision to make for selecting a long term goalkeeper and knew we had to add more quality depth to the squad. Reds fans were gifted with a shopping spree and we were all looking forward to preseason to see the impact made by the new names like Fabinho, Shaqiri, and Keita(signed earlier in the year). Liverpool had an immensely successful season which would have won them the league almost any other year and won the Champions League trophy, bringing home #6.

We are all spoiled kids at times and even when we have some of the best toys to play with, we are always looking to get some new shiny toys to play with. Liverpool is a top-level club now though with a deep squad that will be a challenge for any player to get into especially with regular minutes. We have to be a lot more patient and hope to replace some of the players we lost in depth with promising new talent and see if we can make an impact signing at a good price if the opportunity presents itself.

In other words, Reds fans, enjoy the silence. It only shows the quality of this team that it is not easy to pinpoint players who can really improve our team. Under Klopp, Liverpool has become an attractive club to play for, but it has become harder to earn a playing spot on this team. Liverpool lost Sturridge and Moreno this summer so far but will have the ‘new signings’ of Ox and Brewster, both coming off of long term injuries. In Ox’s case, we know the impact he can have and how he was an extremely important piece of the midfield in terms of bringing more attacking force while not sacrificing from defensive work rate.  It will be interesting to see how Brewster responds and if he can take over the spot left over from Sturridge.

Liverpool will make signings this summer. Some will be like the one we had today, a promising young talent that the scouting team definitely saw a lot in. We will still see new names added to this squad but how major of a signing they will be, remains to be seen. The fact that we cannot make an easy shopping list should show us how good of a position this team currently is in. While our opponents are looking to fill several holes including managers, we are able to be picky and selective.