5 Talking Points from Liverpool vs Chelsea

Henderson redemption tour continues

Another great performance by the captain topped with an assist to a wide open Mane at the back post. One of the most worrying moments of the game was watching him grab his ankle. I remember fans blatantly celebrating Henderson injuries on social media since he would not be able to be picked to play. Those fans are either hiding now or shamefully celebrating the wins the captain contributes to. Klopp cheekily apologized at a press conference earlier this week for playing Henderson out of position. As Lee Dixon says after the goal just as Salah is receiving the ball to smash the second, ” You do not get the armband at a club like Liverpool for nothing.” The captain is showing why he has been trusted for his position on the team as well as the national team. Another solid performance for him and as someone who has fought the Hendo haters for months now, I could not be happier for him.

The slumping Mo Salah on top in the Golden Boot race?

Not bad for a slumping forward, huh? Salah is now tied for first in the Golden Boot race with Sadio right behind him.

Salah is regaining his form at the perfect time. First the own goal he forced against Tottenham, then his goal against Southampton and now he continues his resurgence with this amazing goal against Chelsea. The byproduct of his increasing confidence is the havoc he causes on and off the ball. Emerson was clearly terrified of Salah’s pace in the second half and did not know which way to force Mo. Salah in return, played a part in the first goal and scored the second with a sensational strike from outside the box.

Another one for the season highlight reel

Liverpool did not have the best record against Chelsea in recent history but sure have had some unbelievable goals scored from outside the box that can be put on a loop and watched over and over again.. Henderson’s shot from outside the box, Sturridge’s wonder goal in the first meeting against Chelsea this year and now Salah’s unbelievable shot.

This goal also adds to the list of amazing goals scored by this team this year, some due to their importance, some for their pure football beauty. When you look back at this season, which goal will you be looking to rewatch first? 

Proud of this team’s will and performance

As a Reds fan, it is hard but not to feel a tremendous pride watching this team. The results alone would make any fan proud but watching the fight, the determination as well as the maturity of the team as a whole is wonderful to watch. With no panic regardless of the score and the momentum of the game, the entire team has relentless fight to keep going until the end. With the score 2-0, the team failed to adjust to the substitution made by Chelsea and their formation, giving up a few scoring opportunities. Instead of panicking, the team found a way to adjust, regain control of the ball and the pace of the game overall. 

Credit has to go to Klopp for instilling the old school “German discipline” of playing the way you believe in until the very final whistle regardless of going on. Everyone knows the famous Lineker quote of “”Football is a simple game — 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.” Main reason for this is discipline and confidence in your game plan. This team has bought in to what Klopp and his staff preach and know that following it will result in success more often than not and it has. Liverpool is having an unbelievable season and it is hard not to be proud of this team as a Reds fan.

Shaqiri is alive and well, Keita continues his progress

First sighting of Shaqiri was him being lifted by Klopp as they celebrated Salah’s tremendous strike. He later came in the game in the dying minutes of the game. Even if only for a few minutes, it was probably enough to squash the rumors of being in the dog house of Klopp and being done as being an LFC player. Finding playing time will be hard for Shaq though as the front three is firing in all cylinders and the midfield is finally taking shape. Henderson’s recent form along with Fabinho makes them the first two names to be penciled in to the starting lined up in midfield.

Shaqiri might get some minutes midweek especially if the Reds can get an away goal in the game. It will be crucial for him especially with Ox on the way back and Gini, Lallana still in the mix in midfield.


MOTM: Easily Salah. There were great performances throughout the field for the Reds but Salah was dangerous on the ball. Played a role in the first and scored an amazing goal to ease the pressure in the stadium.