Liverpool vs Porto Player Ratings by Stephen Ward and Jason Kennedy

Apologies for the delay here – been redacting, err… revising our ratings since yesterday… after perhaps a few Carlsbergs

Alisson – 8 It was scary to see such bad defending in the first half, but good to get Alisson some actual work. We shudder to think how Karius and Migs would have handled the first half… Saves were routine and their best chances missed the target (including that 1st minute screamer), but he was confident and sure handed. Distribution after those easy saves was better than recent games.

Robbo – 6 Not at his best after missing the first leg. Gave a couple away and let in a couple of dangerous balls. Got better as match went on (as they all did). He and his left foot will bounce back.

Matip – 8 Best defender in those harrowing first 20. Closed a guy down and had a key block. As others grew into the game he looked a bit more lost, including on their goal from the corner. Has been a good partner with VVD. Still miss Lovren because well, it allows gratuitous Degsey usage.

VVD – 8 Did not look himself early – Degsey-esque first 20 minutes. Out of position on crosses and let runners behind. But then it all changed. When he saved the day on that ball through on 25′ it started the counter that led to the goal. After that play everybody got better. Snuffed out trouble and thumped home a header in the 2nd. Colossus.

Trent – 7 Looked out of sorts going backward while we were scrambling, but what a ball to Mo! That pass should also light a fire under Robbo. Keep the assists coming, lads.

Fabinho – 7 Tried to be a bit heroic with long passes out of the back, only to have them easily picked off. But covered a lot of ground and won some challenges. Pretty solid throughout. He’ll need to do plenty of that vs Barcelona.

Gini – 7 He and Milner were overrun at times, especially early, but both played their way into the game. 7 instead of 6 for plugging away and for holding the ball up leading to the first goal.

Milner – 7 (6 in first half, 8 in second half) See Gini above. Once Hendo was introduced and Robbo subbed, he moved to left back, and was much better. The second half 8 is for that great corner that led to the VVD header.

Origi – 6 Took a Khalil Mack shoulder from Pepe at midfield in 1st half. That’s when we saw the wisdom of Klopp starting him; we can’t have Firmino or his teeth take those hits. Ran hard but didn’t track well offer anything creatively and rightfully subbed. Was his birthday – deserves an Orange Whip when he gets home. 90+6

Mo – 9 A few heavy touches early but what a great pass to Mane for the first. kept running and running. Well taken finish and could have had more. He’s popping up on the left the last couple games in an ever more free roll, which can only lead to fun. Mo fun!

Sadio – 9 How did he miss that open goal?! Who cares? He gets a 9 anyway. Pops up for the all important opener. Always dangerous like Mo. Almost returned the favor with great balls to Mo that just missed. The flick on for Virgil. Happy 27th birthday last week, Sadio. You are the Man(e)!


Bobby – 9 A beautiful man with a beautiful smile. Everything looks better with RF9 on the pitch, including hair and teeth. Love to see him score because he always deserves to.

Hendo – 8 from Woody 9 from Jason Woody: What a ball to Firmino for that goal. Form of his life at a great time. “As one of his critics I’m more than happy to eat crow.” Jason: Has been great the last few matches – its nice to have him and/or Milly as super subs for us. “I won an autographed Hendo jersey at Carragher’s in NYC several years back, I like it even more these days.”

Gomez – 8 Automatic 8 for coming on and looking healthy. Welcome back, Joe Gomez!! Joel Matip, we thank you for your (at times) frightening but honorable service these last few months. Prepare to keep Degsey company