Brighton 0 – 1 Liverpool Player Ratings!

Up the 7 points clear reds!

Alisson – Nothing to do, not sure on the trimmed beard though. Performance – 7 Hair and beard? Will come back with my rating after more consideration.

Trent – How can I score this lad? Was he injured? Fuck knows. He didn’t support attack enough for me. Good defensively like. – 6

Fabinho – This lad goes from strength to strength. Playing out of position and thought he dealt with Glen Murray really well considering he wasn’t a center half. – 8

Virgil – Imperious, sumptuous. Just have my fucking kids you wonderful bastard. – 8

Robbo – Sound wasn’t he? Solid game. Just what we expect from him now these solid performances- 6

Hendo – Hits the ball sideways more than I do when I golf, which is saying something. Better 2nd half but I think where moving on with out him. Overall average – 5.5

Gini – Seemed to play within himself a little. Wasn’t saying he was bad but just a bit meh. He done some good things but didn’t really stand out. – 6

Shaq – Big header in the first half missed. Doesn’t seem like he plays his best from the start. Still love the mercurial cube. – 6

Mane – Sound wasn’t he. Seemed like he could have done more. Been in Africa with his mate this week, not sure if that had any part to play. He doesn’t half petrify defenders when he’s running at them. – 6.5

Bobby – Love this lad. Works so hard, could have bagged 2nd half as well. He seems to be enjoying himself. Goals against Arsenal and City have helped. – 7

Mo – Brilliant. He’s just brilliant, he’s having a quiet game and you don’t think he’s in it and he pops up with a superb piece of skill to win the pen. Brilliant Mo. Won us 6 points vs Brighton this season. – 8.5

Subs –

Keita – No score

Milly – Done well, that solid player who we needed at the time. – 7