Wolves vs Liverpool FA Cup player ratings! Cozzy

My match ratings for the reds. Shite today. Oh well. Bigger fish to fry and might turn Klopps head to a little January signing

Mignolet – how does this man still play for Liverpool? I have nightmares about him, like am in a boss dream where am about to kiss Heidi Klum and as am leaning him, his head just pops up and I wake up in a pool of sweat. Fuck him off – 4

Camacho – he’s a right back? Are we having a serious conversation? He was playing further up the field than Sturridge. Thought he played well, hit and miss but he’s a kid who will learn, just not at right back – 6

Lovren – no score. Fuck off as well

(Sub)Hoever – 16 years old and playing for Liverpool? I was trying to tell my mum that I just found this website with the sound on when I opened the laptop at that age. Unreal. Equipped himself really well. Has a bright future. – 8

Moreno – just fuck off will you? – 2

Milly – Mistake for the goal, poor game from him but no one making any runs for him. Out of position also, can forgive him because he doesn’t have many bad games – 3

Keita – bright spark, looked to get on the ball but some sloppy passes. Again, no movement of the ball for him to find a player. Think he’s key for our next few games. – 5

Jones – like this kid, tidy passing, nice touch, shit haircut though. With Lallana playing his get out of a game card, he might have a big few months – 5

Shaq – shite wasn’t he? Better 2nd half, deasent free kick but that’s about it – 6

Studge – finished. Proper finished though. Never broke a sweat and he can fold his kit up and wear it next week it’s that clean – 3

Divock 90 + 6 – tries hard but just isn’t good enough. Nice goal but he’s a weird player, all the size of a big strong center forward but gets shoved of the ball so easy. Gets a OK score just for the goal. – 6

(Sub) Salah – see his class when he came on. So good it’s silly – 6

(Sub) Bobby – played well like Salah but to little to late – 6