Gordon Lee

Born to a proud Scouse father, Gordon was immersed in the beautiful game from a young age. His earliest memories are of watching Scotland vs Brazil in the ’98 World Cup where his father purchased cable for just the two months of the tournament. The passion he developed that summer for the game never waned and once introduced to Liverpool FC, he never looked back. Gordon would spend the next 15 years trying to emulate his idol Steven Gerrard on the pitch in pursuit of a dream career.

Despite playing at a club level through high school and college, real life got in the way of the dream. Gordon now exudes all his passion for the game vicariously through the players of this amazing club. He’s lived and died with results and can tell you his favorite goals and moments over the last 20 years of support without a moments thought (Steven Gerrard Olympiakos goal). Gordon also enjoys forcing his passion for LFC on anyone who will listen and is responsible for converting more than one person to support as well. Taking all this into account, he felt it was a no-brainer to join the American Scouser group and continue to share his love and enthusiasm with the world. He currently writes on the social media conversations surrounding the club in a weekly post and joins in as many podcasts as he can. You can read his struggle with his own LFC identity here