Trent Alexander-Arnold: The Focal Point

As the end of Jurgen Klopp’s final season at Liverpool approaches, many questions loom over the reality of a post-Klopp era. The supporters certainly feel it and uncertainty will be prevalent throughout the summer. However, suppose you were to select one pillar of certainty within the Liverpool squad heading into next season. In that case, it’s the fact that Trent Alexander-Arnold will once again be asked to shoulder the brunt of the squad’s creative duties.

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Heartbeat Of The Team

It’s been a decent, but injury-riddled season for Liverpool’s vice-captain. Trent missed 19 games in all competitions due to hamstring and knee ligament injuries. The Reds undoubtedly did their best to cope without our number 66. However, the lack of creative spark eventually caught up to the side, especially recently. Alexander-Arnold’s return to the starting eleven may have come a bit too late.

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Nevertheless, it showed that Liverpool is a completely different animal with him on the side. Much like Steven Gerrard in his prime, we’ll be looking to Trent to produce moments of magic to get us through sticky situations for years.

Positional Evolution For Trent?

Trent is one of those players who is so talented offensively that he remains a threat at any position you would stick him at. There has been some experimentation this season under Klopp. Our gaffer stuck Trent in central and defensive midfield alongside his traditional right-back role. Klopp’s decision to adopt a double pivot in possession with Alexander-Arnold playing as a pseudo-midfielder has served Liverpool well throughout many parts of this season.


The question remains, why not just stick him in the role full-time? He certainly has passing range and an eye for goal. It is an interesting proposition for whoever would serve as the next Liverpool boss.

Not Over Yet

This conversation about the future of this Liverpool side doesn’t mean that the remainder of this season is a wash. The Reds need to flush out several things from the current system to prepare for next year. With Trent back in the mix, the Reds are primed to try a bevy of new things on the pitch. What he can do with the ball opens many doors for others to shine for the next regime.

Liverpool has an excellent crop of players to work with to try and give it another go next season and beyond, with Alexander-Arnold at the vanguard of this new era.

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