I Still Believe

Alright, let me be honest. This post is just my monthly open journal entry on what I think about the current state of the Liverpool season. With that in mind, it helps that I am writing this at the moment when it feels like Liverpool’s season is on the brink. The brink of either another failed campaign to win a major trophy or the brink of one of the most magical runs we will ever see as fans of this club. Maybe it is the romantic Liverpool fan in me but allow me to try and persuade you why you should still believe.

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Recent Form

First, let’s talk about the negative reality. The last week of football for the Reds stunk. From the frustrating draw against United to the dreck of the Europa League display, culminating in the abysmal showing against Palace, there is no way to deny things are bleak right now. The football played by Liverpool over these three games has been horrific to watch.

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It seems like cracks are appearing in the squad that many did not think would be in this position at the start of the season. City are now back in their normal spot atop the league and if they do what they often do, the Trophy Buyers will once again hoist the league trophy on May 19. This season does feel over in many ways.

Lingering Pixie Dust

However, a trophy has not been handed out yet. Games still have to be played. One already played out right after ours that fell in the Reds’ favor (kind of). Count me amongst those after the loss that felt like there was no way that Arsenal would lose to Villa again. Nevertheless, it happened and suddenly, I felt a kind of hope returning to my heart. Isn’t Liverpool lore built on magic? I know that it is mostly built on great football, but there has been and always will be a sense of the supernatural around this club. We are the club of Istanbul and the Barcelona comeback. Liverpool is the club of countless last-gasp winners. We are the club of scraping by and willing a victory out of defeat.

Now, I know that most of you are saying this is a lot of rah-rah, puff piece, Scouser pep talk. I won’t disagree with that. We are also the club that has seemed to come up short time and time again when it matters most. We are a club that feels like we are probably still in transition, and we do not control our destiny anymore in this title race.


But the boys still do control something, and that alone means that magic can still happen. It could begin as early as Thursday night when I believe European magic could be on display again. I think we see it continue in London next weekend. North London will be ablaze when title rivals go there in the coming weeks. I think we could see it in the fact that a manager who built his football club in his image may well just find a way to will his team on a run that gets him one (or two) final trophies.

Believe Until You Are Given A Reason Not To

Look, I know that all of this could become a moot point in a week. But we are fans of Liverpool Football Club. It feels like maybe someone needs to remind fans that irrational optimism and romanticism are part of what makes us great.

We need to return to that and start believing it ourselves because we know that players in that locker room, regardless of their recent displays, will not stop believing in themselves until it is truly over. So, join me in that belief, and let’s go support these lads until the job is done. Who knows, maybe we will see magic one more time?

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