International Break Reflections: Volume One

My Favorite Klopp Moments

Ah yes, the dreaded international break. A period that can serve as a momentum stopper for high-flying clubs, or as a much-needed respite for clubs needing to take a breather. On the subject of our Redmen, it’s safe to say that it’s more the latter than the former. The Reds being pushed back onto the drawing board after losing the FA Cup Quarter-Final to arch-rivals Manchester United in dramatic fashion was a crushing blow.

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That being said, Jurgen Klopp and his boys look to lick their wounds. This leaves us supporters with a little downtime to ponder and reflect on before the campaign resumes. Quite fittingly, it’s hard not to look back at the wild ride we’ve been under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp. With the German set to leave LFC at the end of the season after 8 seasons, there’s certainly a wide selection of notable moments to choose from. However, for the sake of this piece, I’m narrowing it down to only three.

First Press Conference

If you’re talking about a calm before the storm, look no further than our boss’ first press conference. Surprisingly mellow, and low-key, especially in comparison to the explosive style of play he will soon introduce to the club, this moment stood out to me in many ways, specifically how Klopp conducted himself.

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Everyone knows the famous “normal one” sound bite forever associated with our boss. But what some people don’t remember was how he also made a promise to bring us back to the promised land and break our more than 20-year league title drought. As we approach the end of the Klopp era, it’s safe to say that he delivered on this promise and then some. However, what stood out in this moment was, despite Klopp laying out expectations, he also emphasized his incredibly high character and personality that immediately endeared him to the Liverpool faithful.

The 2018 Champions League Final Loss

Now this might be an unlikely choice, given the disappointing nature of the result, but, if anything, it was more of Klopp setting the precedent and mentality throughout the squad. Despite the 3-1 loss to Real Madrid in that season’s Champions League Final, Klopp was seen celebrating the journey with some fans, almost right after the loss.


While some, particularly rival fans, find this laughable, it was an indication of the bounce-back, “mentality monsters” mindset established throughout the squad over the years. Everyone knows that we eventually went on to win the Champions League the season after the loss, and the league title shortly after. It’s essentially the ability to come back stronger after setbacks that have defined the Klopp era at Liverpool, and moments like these will forever be remembered long after the German leaves Liverpool.

Winning The Premier League In 2020

This probably takes the cake in terms of my favorite Klopp moments. After a long, agonizing wait for a league title, Liverpool fans finally celebrated winning the elusive trophy, and dominantly, back in 2020. Despite the celebrations being in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, this didn’t dampen celebrations one bit as players and coaching staff partied long into the night.

A noticeable figure among those celebrating was Klopp, dancing around, hugging multiple players, and breaking into tears when a Manchester City loss all but confirmed our status as league champions. This was the culmination of Klopp’s efforts, and with the crown jewel obtained, all the big German could do was break down, appreciating the efforts of all his boys, and all his coaching staff. Not even giving himself the simplest of pats on the back, only highlights his “normal one” persona.

Despite Jurgen masterminding arguably the greatest season in Liverpool history, he still feels that it was because of the efforts of others that proved the difference to winning it all. I hope that we’ll be having the same sort of discussions towards the end of this season, as no man deserves a fairy-tale-like send-off more than our gaffer.

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