Fonder Memories

Looking back at the best side of the Klopp Era

As the 2023-24 football season gains momentum, fans look on with hope and anticipation. A new season means a clean slate. It provides a chance to make up for the failings of the past. There is also the opportunity to build up on the successes of previous campaigns. Liverpool fans have always felt this sense of anticipation, especially in the Jurgen Klopp era, which undoubtedly presents the most successful period in modern times for the Reds. Today we look back at the best side of this tenure, the 2019-20 iteration. I associate countless memories with this edition of Liverpool Football Club where trophies were matched by pure bliss.

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Coming off the elation of the Champions League win the previous season along with the heartbreak of losing by a solitary point to City in the league, we certainly felt that things were just getting started. The first trophy of the Klopp era arrived and it was the biggest in world football. We had the best attacking trio in the world to complement the best defender, goalkeeper, and manager in the world.

Heading into the season, we knew a title challenge was likely, but not even the biggest Liverpool optimist would’ve expected us to win it the way we did that year.


In the current world football climate, with top clubs having the transfer budget of small countries’ GDPs, competing at the top and WINNING is harder than ever before. Everyone snorts at the Bundesliga or Ligue 1 for being one-team leagues. The Premier League isn’t far off. Pep Guardiola’s nation-state-backed side has lifted the Premier League trophy in five of the last six years. That one outlier, and one of my fondest memories, is Klopp’s mighty Reds winning the 19-20 title by an incredible 18 points.

Such domination hasn’t been replicated since. Despite it being the only league title in Klopp’s reign, and Liverpool’s first in 30 years at the time, no shine is taken off the achievement. It’s clear that while many teams ridicule the Reds for just that lone win in 30 years, no other club in the league has come even close to the almost-untouchable nature of that side. History will look back at that team with more fondness and appreciation.


Finally, it’s clear that this is currently a team in transition. Thankfully, our gaffer can point to that 19-20 squad as something our newer players can aspire to. Experienced stalwarts Virgil van Dijk, Mohamed Salah, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Alisson are still around to set the standard. There is reason to believe that we’ll be back to those levels sooner rather than later. Here’s hoping we’re talking about the memories and trophies that this next phase of the Klopp era will bring just as soon.

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