Never Walking Alone

American Scouser’s Fundraiser For Turkiye and Syria

There are many things that can draw a person into supporting any given club. Proximity, family, kit design, favorite player, etc. But there is something special about Liverpool Football Club regarding the community they’ve fostered over the years. The renowned anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” holds true for this club more than any slogan for any other sports organization.

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Calling this season a trying one is being generous. For all the glory of the past few years, the wheels have collectively fallen off our Reds. But each week we’re back out there in full force making noise and supporting our boys. That camaraderie built means so much more than the final score. We as fans don’t get to take those trophies home with us in the end. The memories and moments though are ours to keep.


There are also things in life that put things back into perspective. The earthquake that devastated Turkiye and Syria was one of those events. Colleagues here at American Scouser, co-workers, and friends all felt the repercussions of the tragedy and were looking for a way to help those in desperate need of aid. It is easy to feel that you can’t make a difference from such a great distance, but this is where the Liverpool community excels.

Supporters of the club are everywhere so getting a united action plan in those countries was rather swift. The community made sure these people knew they weren’t alone in their fight to rebuild what nature had broken.


We here at American Scouser have set up a silent auction as well as a donation portal going directly to Save The Children in Turkiye and Syria. Below are all the relevant links and videos. Donate or bid if you can, but sharing this with fellow Reds supporters as well as family and friends would also be wholeheartedly appreciated. We all appreciate your time and support and hope that we can reach our goal and really make a dent in what is going to be a huge undertaking for those starting back up from scratch.


Once again, a heart-filled thank you to all that have donated already! Click that link if you haven’t or would like to share it across whatever social media you use!

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