The swing from being the biggest club on Earth by a wide margin to now scratching and clawing for fourth place, along with drawing with Wolves in the FA Cup and setting up a replay, is palpable. Scoring for fun, runs of clean sheets, and Anfield being an impenetrable fortress are things of the past. The present is now losing to a relegation-battling Leeds and getting embarrassed by Brentford.

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So what now?

We can go into how the midfield is aging and needs addressing. Virgil van Dijk losing a step is concerning. Jurgen Klopp’s loyalty and stubbornness hindering the team also needs to be talked about. It now may also be fair to blame the ownership for simply not spending in line with other bigger clubs. We can argue day and night as to what the fix is. But what do we do now as fans?

Thursday Night Podcast 1/5/2023


Patience is a virtue at Liverpool. We waited 30 years to see the Reds lift the league trophy. There were also some of the most fun teams this club has ever seen fall short. Luis Suarez scored 44 goals across all competitions in 2012-13, leading to nothing. Stevie slipped. Need I go on?

Football is weird in that way. Liverpool won the Champions League in the most improbable comeback in 2005. That year, we also finished 5th in the league, exited the FA Cup in the third round, and lost in the League Cup final. This club is enigmatic. Now and forever.

Always The Hard Way FC

That statement perfectly summarizes this club. It never seems to be the easy route. For as long as I have been alive, this club has never been like Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. Trophies are not a foregone conclusion. Our club itself has always been massive, but shadows always loomed large over it. We’re never the shark or the lion. Now we are often the wolf in the shadows, biding our time.

So as a supporter, I will do just that. I will wait for this club to do what this club usually does…like sending Ali in for a header against West Brom to sneak us into the top four. Losing my cool is not a thing I can do after all this time. I want to see improvement, but there is something about those red tops that come with a little magic.

At the end of the day, I love this club. Some years are great. Some are bad. And now we are currently in *makes vague gesture* whatever this is.

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