[Everton 0 – 0 Liverpool].

Let me start by saying that the man-of-the-match award goes, as indeed it must, to the frame of Everton’s goal. The heroic performance by the posts and the crossbar behind Pickford, stopping five (I think) shots from going in will surely go down as one of the best of the season. They often say that football is a game of inches, which it certainly was today, and luck can play a big role.

Yes, Everton played well, but the Reds should still have walked away deserved winners by a goal or two.

The same Pickford was arguably the best human player on the field, although Joe Gomez also put in another stellar performance, so you might pick him instead. Or you might go for Alisson. Still, the biggest problem Liverpool faced was the result of not starting the game with Firmino. This led to a combative but uninspiring first half; once Bobby came on, everything clicked and ran more smoothly. Alas, the only time the ball landed in the back of the net was an offside goal by Coady at the other end. Contrary to the opinion of the commentators on the telly, it wasn’t particularly close, either, at least not by VAR standards. We’ve seen much closer lines drawn before. Hell, it seemed offside to me when it was scored, and I screamed as much at the TV in frustration.

Really, I’m so glad it heard me.

Delusional conversations with inanimate objects aside, it has obviously been a rocky start to the season, but unlike the opening three games, the Reds are looking better. Darwin Nunez is back and hopefully will click in with the team as the season goes on; his volleyed attempt in the first half was downright spectacular and was this side of an inch from being an instant goal of the season contender. At the same time, he was wasteful with a couple of opportunities that should have at least been on target. For reference, see Haaland, Erling.

Only one point out of six in the two away derbies (yes, I count the United game as one too, so sue me). Not the best, but we have the return matches at Anfield to look for. In the meantime, the top of the league is drawing away, and Klopp’s men are going to really have to grab the liver bird by the talons or it’s going to be a very long season.

For now, let’s hope that the Champions League might provide some relief.

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