It doesn’t get much better than this as a Liverpool fan. The FA Cup Final, a European semifinal, and a League Cup are already in the cabinet, and the league is still there to be won. We may never see a team like this again, and yet simply enjoying every minute of this delightful ride is easier said than done.

There is so much noise around the club. So many distractions out there. Will Mo stay or will he go? How much does Bobby have left? What does Curtis have to do to get on the field? Is Origi leaving this summer(which seems like all but done)? What about Mane’s contract status? Klopp has been here long enough that another sabbatical feels far closer than we’d like to think. Who replaces him if he goes? (thank goodness we need not worry about this until 2026, now) Lijnders? Gerrard? Michael Edwards has been a god of transfers, but what happens when he leaves this summer? Will the Midas touch go with him?

Savor this…Really

But those are all questions for another day. Worries for another time. Sideline them. Savor this. These games will be gone in the blink of an eye; this team will be a memory before you know it. Who knows what next season will be like? There are no guarantees. It’s almost impossible to return to the lofty highest of chasing a quadruple. Don’t blink. Don’t miss it.

The greatest of teams are fragile. When Liverpool lifted the trophy for their 18th league title in 1990, no one on the grounds that day could have imagined they’d have to wait over 30 years for another. Sir Alex would have laughed in 2013 if you told him that Man U would still be looking for their first title without him come 2022. The 2007 Patriots were all but unstoppable; the 2008 Patriots had to go to Matt Cassell in the first quarter of Week 1. How has the entire nation of Canada gone 29 years without winning Lord Stanley’s Cup? Even the most dominant of teams are fragile. If you get distracted by the noise, you might focus back in on a very different reality before you know it.

These are the good old days. Days that we will tell stories of for decades to come. So drink it in. Savior it. Cherish every moment of every game. The anticipation. The post-match emotions. You may never see a team like this again. Save the worries for another day. The noise will still be there come the dog days of summer.

Savior. This!