[Liverpool 4 – 0 Manchester United].

Five away, four at home… even if City holds on to win the title, there have been plenty of wonderful moments for us this season already. Putting nine – nine! – past those guys in our combined tie, with no response, certainly ranks highly on that list.

If we’re honest, it could have so easily been ten or more.

So many delightful things to talk about today, but the one I’d like to start with had nothing to do with the game being played. The gesture by the Anfield faithful towards Cristiano Ronaldo in the seventh minute was heart-warming, touching, and inspirational. His personal tragedy rises above the game, and one can only hope that he, too, could feel in that moment like he would never walk alone. That’s the Liverpool way, even for our biggest rivals, and that is the spirit that we must keep, cherish, and honor forever.

Alright, let’s get on with the game then!

Does anyone remember all that nonsense about Salah in the past few weeks? The man today was on fire, with both an assist and well on another hat-trick. Only a truly desperate last-ditch lunging effort by Wan-Bissaka in the dying seconds saved United from allowing the Egyptian King, to do it to them again. Another thirty-goal season for him is in the bag, and I daresay forty is in the cards. How about Mane? Talk about finding your form again. What he did to United today was nothing short of torture. His assist for Salah’s first was downright sublime, and his finish off that gorgeous Jota assist was ice-cold. It’s impossible to not love Sadio when he clicks, and it looks like his partnership with Salah has gained a new level of understanding since Afcon. Add Bobby, Jota, and Diaz into this volatile mix and this team has the most ridiculous attack in the world of football.

One must consider that, perhaps, it is even more so than when Neymar played with Messi at Barca.

Let’s talk about Thiago

Oh, the Spaniard is just on a whole different level, isn’t he? I swear, my heart starts racing every time the ball goes to him. You just never know what he might decide to do at any moment. But what really impresses me about him is how he has adjusted to the premier league. Remember when, after he came on board, he seemed to get a yellow every game with clumsy challenges? That doesn’t happen anymore, even as he has become downright fearsome in the press. Outrageous game from him today on every level.

And yet, even with all these performances, I am still awarding my man-of-the-match to another player. It is the tireless Andy Robertson, who did such a magnificent job that, on his own, he sucked the souls out of half of the United side. What he did to cause turnovers, start new attacks, and just demoralize the opposition was no less than a master class in footballing awareness. We love Robbo when he’s like this. May it continue until the end of this insane season.

Nine in two over United.


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