Champions League Group Play: Atletico Madrid 2 – 3 Liverpool – Player Ratings

What a bunch of diving, wenging, dirty cheating c*nts, Atletico are. But what do you expect from a team managed by a man ripped straight from a James Bond script.

Player Ratings

Alisson – 7

Very likely won the points outright. A series of insanely brave charges out to close down oncoming attacks. Pawed out some dangerous shots, held onto it when he needed to. The full arsenal despite the scoreline. 

TAA – 5

Another match where he struggled against an overloaded side. Did well with the physicality of Atletico and it was one of his lofted balls in that led to the game-winning pen so it wasn’t all bad.  

Matip – 6

Surely that’s Lemar impeding/offside for the opener. Either way it was a very back-against-the-wall scramble for much of the first half. Looked legged. Which makes sense ‘cause he’s played loads. 

VVD – 5

No one covered themselves in glory defensively but this was probably the biggest example of the contrast between pre-injury and post-injury. The quick-twitch stuff isn’t back which makes every small error magnified. Got turned a couple times in bad spots and wasn’t able to recover, which feels weird to see.   

Robbo – 5

Looks like he generally does when he plays 8 matches in two weeks. Tired. 

Henderson – 6

Far from his best. Uncharacteristic turnovers in bad spots, erratic in distribution. Feels like a bit of a broken record, but another one who just looked gassed after 20.

Milner – 6

See: Henderson.

Keita – 6 

As they say in Merseyside, got diddled. For both goals, really. And that’s Naby in a 45-minute nutshell. Capable of moments of brilliance sprinkled into fairly consistent sub par defending. Especially when taken off the dribble. Scores bangers though, doesn’t he?

Sadio – 5

Ghosted through much of that game. Which in all honesty, was better than fearing that one of those Atleti c*nts would lop him off at the knees. 

Bobby – 6 

Inconsistent final ball, but was largely our best defender on the day. Did well dropping back late and providing the critical linkup. Bonus point for letting a Frenchman boot him in the head. 

Salah – 7

The entire world knows not to let Mo turn inside onto his left. And he does it anyways. Ice cold on the pen. He is a killer.


Ox – 6  (‘63)

Thought he was much better than his normally shiney shite substitute appearances. Provides a direct, long-range threat from the mids, so here’s to hoping for more of that.

Jota – 6 (‘63)

Does well to get into a position to earn the pen. Then goes down the other end and puts the referee’s life in a precarious position. Watched that replay loads. Not a pen. Oldest trick in the attacking book. Shocked the ref had the stones for that overturn though. 

Gomez/Neco (N/A)