AS Transfer Advice Summer 2021: KEEP/EXTEND/SELL

It’s time to play American Scouser’s version of “Kiss/Marry/Kill” – we’ll call it  Keep/Extend/Sell!

With the business end of the season upon us, it’s decision time for Liverpool over the players they have allowed to leave temporarily.  And since we obviously know better than Michael Edwards (we don’t), it’s time to play American Scouser’s version of “Kiss/Marry/Kill” – we’ll call it  Keep/Extend/Sell!  Let’s see what some of our contributors have to say…


Allison (28 years old) – contract expires 2024

Jack Ball:  EXTEND. Dude is the best all-around keeper the club has ever had. If you disagree, we can’t be friends.
Paul Bickler:  KEEP/EXTEND next year
Mateuz Wielomek:  KEEP.  Still has many good years left, and is under contract for three more years.
Timucin Uras:  KEEP as is. Probably too early for extension. Next year perhaps
Barak Engel:  EXTEND and surround with guard dogs, so nobody sniffs around without getting some nasty bite marks.
Jordan Gerrard:  EXTEND for obvious reasons.
Scott Fishkin:  An integral part of the squad that can still achieve high levels than those already accomplished. EXTEND. 

Consensus:  EXTEND the man.  Highest-scoring goalie of the season!

Caiominh Kelleher (22) – 2022

Jack:  EXTEND.  I like what I saw from him when called upon earlier in the season.  He’s not ready to be a starter, but as his contract runs out next summer, it would be good to secure him for longer term as he develops.  I can see him being our designated FA and League Cup keeper this year.
Paul:  KEEP
Mateuz:  EXTEND. Serviceable, young backup. Not good enough to get first team minutes in other major leagues around Europe. 
Timucin:  EXTEND. I think he has shown he is capable and suits our style of building from the back
Barak:  KEEP. Did a good job in his couple of appearances, seems like a good understudy to the one and only. Also seems happy enough – for now. 
Jordan:  EXTEND but keep an eye on Pitaluga.
Scott:  He has proved to become the outright #2, though match experience will be limited.   KEEP.

Consensus: EXTEND barely edges out KEEP.  And per rumors from this weekend, it looks like they club are  going to do just that and reward him with a new five-year contract.

Adrian (34) – 2021

Jack:  RELEASE.  Thanks for the memories, but he is simply not good enough to be our #2 keeper anymore.
Paul:  RELEASE – he wants to go to Spain.
Mateuz:  RELEASE.  Contract is expiring and a 34 year old second/third GK option will be easy to find in the market.
Timucin:  EXTEND – A 1 year contract for insurance unless we have in mind another experienced backup on a free. He has shown to be a great teammate similar to Mignolet as well. Doubt he will want to stay as possibly the 3rd guy though.
Barak:  EXTEND if he wishes to stay. We do need a third shirt between the sticks just in case. 
Jordan:  RELEASE.  I lost faith in him after the Villa game.  I’d let him go and use Kelleher as backup.
Scott:  Valuable Premier League experience (with some errors included) and seems a likable member of the squad. EXTEND if he agrees to do so.

Consensus:  Interesting split between EXTEND and RELEASE

Loris Karius (27) – 2022

Jack:  SELL- if anyone will take him.  As talented as he was, he has not been able to regain a shred of confidence since that Champions League final.
Paul:  SELL – I’ll pack him in Adrian’s suitcase.
Mateuz:  LOAN/SELL. We have a couple keepers in the Academy for emergency situations. 
Timucin:  SELL for whatever you can get at this point.
Barak:  SELL (or RELEASE). In all honesty, he isn’t all that bad, but nobody will get over the UCL finals fiasco until he is well past his playing years.
Jordan:  SELL / RELEASE.  I feel sorry for Karius he has not been able to even get a game during his most recent loan spell. I think LFC should sell him to an MLS team.
Scott:  Hasn’t lived up to the promise we bought him for, and at his age, should’ve showed more than we’ve seen. SELL.

Consensus:  SELL.  Quite a shame, really, as he came in with such potential…. but everyone is ready to see him off the books.



Virgil Van Dijk (29) – 2023

Jack:  KEEP. The prudent thing for the execs to do is see how he plays the first half of this season. If he is anywhere near what he used to be, he’ll get that extension rather quickly.
Paul:  KEEP – against extending without seeing what version of him we get back post surgery.
Mateuz:  KEEP.  I mean, no-brainer, right?
Timucin:  EXTEND- I know he is up there in age but especially as a CB, I think he has another four to five years ahead of him.
Barak:  KEEP.  What am I, nuts? Thing is, injuries like the one he just went through can ruin a career. By mid-season, we should know if he’s truly back.
Jordan:  EXTEND and make him the highest-paid defender in Europe.
Scott:  Best there is in the prime of his career. A tough injury to come back from, but if anyone can, he can.  EXTEND

Consensus:  KEEP if you’re prudent, EXTEND if you’re confident he will return from injury at 100%.  Which way will LFC go this year?

Joe Gomez (24) – 2024

Jack:  KEEP.  Same reasoning as Virgil, above.
Paul:  KEEP – See VVD.
Timucin:  KEEP – Despite his haters, he is a talent.
Barak:  KEEP. If he can stop being injured all the time, I’d love to see him extended. He’s terrific when he can play.
Jordan:  KEEP
Scott:  Another tough injury for Gomez to come back from as well. Great talent with length already on his contract, just hope he can recover properly.  KEEP

Consensus:  KEEP.  Solid talent and potential.  If not competing for the starting CB job, good option as a backup RB.  Let’s see if he can come back from his most recent injury setback.

Ozan Kabak (21) – 2021

Jack:  RELEASE.  I can’t see Edwards nor Klopp going for him, especially after Konate was announced on Friday.
Paul:  Why the fuck did we not buy??? (KEEP)
Mateuz:  KEEP. Upon writing this we know he won’t be purchased for the $18M price tag, even though he probably should have been. What do I know?
Timucin:  KEEP – Looks like it is not happening but I think it was a good deal to keep him for the price.
Barak:  RELEASE.  Did ok, but not good enough to pay 18 mil for. Plus, we got Konate.
Jordan:  KEEP.  I wish we would have kept Kabak, but recent time playing FIFA career mode shows me we will have trouble finding game time for all our center backs next season.
Scott:  Did the job for the most part. With Konate in, I don’t see space for Kabak to join the CB crew. RELEASE.

Consensus:  Split down the middle, with half of our “experts” recommending KEEP (4) vs RELEASE (3). Ultimately, it looks like the club are going to let the Turkish international go… but will we regret it?

Rhys Williams (20) ?

Jack:  LOAN.  He doesn’t have nearly the experience to be a top CB yet. Filled in well this year, but ultimately a liability with his positioning and decisionmaking. A Championship loan should help his progress.
Paul:  LOAN – needs championship experience to see if he can improve his decision making.
Mateuz:  LOAN. Won’t see much playing time being the potential sixth choice but regular football would only help.
Timucin:  LOAN or KEEP in U23s for midseason insurance.
Barak:  KEEP (or EXTEND if contract is running out). The kid has shown that he has got everything he needs to continue development into an excellent premier league center back. 
Jordan:  I would LOAN him to a Championship side if we can make it happen.
Scott:  Young and lots to learn, all while being thrown in the fire without a fully developed physicality.   LOAN.

Consensus:  LOAN.  Simply needs more experience before we can truly evaluate his future.

Nat Phillips (24) – 2023

Jack:  KEEP/SELL – Ideally I would love to have him as a backup even for the first half the year, as coverage in case something goes horribly wrong again. Realistically though, his stock is as high as it’s ever going to be, so it’s probably best to cash in to fund incoming transfers.
Paul:  SELL – not a high line defender. We’ll get prime money for him now.
Mateuz:  SELL.  SELL.  SELL. While the price is high, sell the man. Not good enough for first team here, but will fit elsewhere. Deserves the chance.
Timucin:  SELL while stock is high. He plays hard and has done well but clearly does not suit the system
Barak:  KEEP.  Tough one for me. He did very, very well for us in cover. At the same time, he seems to have limited potential. I’d like to see him play alongside Virgil for a bit before making a final decision.
Jordan:  LOAN Out of respect and the fact he might sell jerseys I will keep him until at least January but most likely he sees the rest of the season out on loan before making a permanent move for more game time.
Scott:  Did his job admirably and shown he can be a Premier League player. Seems Depth is required. KEEP.

Consensus:  We’re all over the place on this one, split between KEEP and SELL.  Do we need depth and backups to avoid another injury crisis? Or would it be best to get the most return for him?

Andrew Robertson (27) – 2024

Jack:  EXTEND. The kid just said about LFC, “I want to stay here forever.” Yes please.
Paul:  KEEP – assuming you don’t extend two fullbacks in the same year. I’d prioritize Trent, who’s a bit younger.
Mateuz:  KEEP.  Hold on to him forever… well, until he wants to retire at Celtic.
Timucin:  KEEP. Not sure of an extension yet. We sure are putting a lot of miles on the poor guy the last few seasons.
Barak:  KEEP and then EXTEND in 2022. For like, forever. 
Jordan:  EXTEND.
Scott: Best in the league in his position, in the prime of his career, with a well-deserved contract. KEEP.

Consensus:  KEEP/EXTEND.  Hard not to love this guy.

Kostas Tsmikas (25) – 2025

Jack:  LOAN/SELL – he can’t stay fit, and when he did make an appearance, I wasn’t all that impressed with him. Surely there’s another young LB who can better deputize for Robbo so the Scot doesn’t have to start every league game next year?
Paul:  KEEP.
Mateuz:  KEEP, I guess? I’m still unsure whether or not he can play football.
Timucin:  KEEP as is. Hopefully he is past his injuries and can actually let us give Robertson time off when possible
Barak:  KEEP.  And let him play some, for heaven’s sake. Robbo needs the occasional moment to catch his breath!
Jordan:  KEEP – If he is happy sitting on the bench he can continue to sit there.
Scott: Maybe some game time can do him (and Robbo) some good. KEEP.

Consensus:  Everyone but me thinks he deserves a second season.  Do I have commitment issues?

Trent Alexander-Arnold (22) – 2024

Jack:  EXTEND. If anyone deserves a payday after the past few years, Trent does.  I have said it since his debut – he is our future captain.
Paul:  EXTEND – See Robertson.
Mateuz:  EXTEND until 2054 damn it.
Timucin:  KEEP, probably extend next year.
Barak:  EXTEND.  Can we sign him up for a ten year contract?
Jordan:  EXTEND.
Scott:  Though other fans won’t admit it, he is the best Right Back in England and one of the best overall players in the league. KEEP.

Consensus:  EXTEND.  The Scouser in our team for years to come.

Neco Williams (20) – 2025

Jack:  KEEP – I don’t know if he’ll get much playing time under Trent, but he’s an amazing backup to have.
Paul:  LOAN – let’s see if he can develop defensively.
Mateuz:  This one is tough. Seems a good kid but just won’t get a crack at it with Trent in the mix. LOAN?
Timucin:  KEEP.  If Kabak was signed, I would say loan, since both Gomez and Kabak can play RB when needed.
Barak:  KEEP.  He just signed, and he is a decent backup for Trent. 
Jordan:  KEEP maybe LOAN
Scott:  Another that game time could help with. Has shown to be a young, but reliable cover. KEEP.

Consensus:  Mostly of us agree on KEEP, though if he can’t get the requisite game, might they consider a LOAN?

Sepp van den Berg (19) – 2024

Jack:  LOAN/SELL – If he couldn’t get any playing time this year, it’s hard to see him breaking in without significant development.  Loan to increase his value or sell to cash in on his potential.
Paul:  LOAN – looked good at right back in the championship. Can use the continued minutes for growth.
Mateuz:  LOAN. Not ready for the Prem yet.
Timucin:  LOAN – We need to see what he can do, even if it is on a Championship team.
Barak:  LOAN. Definitely needs to improve a fair bit before we can even consider him worthy of any sort of run in the Premier League.
Jordan:  LOAN, but keep long term.
Scott:  In a very competitive CB position, another that could do with game time elsewhere. LOAN.

Consensus:  LOAN.


Fabinho (27) – 2023

Jack:  EXTEND. Best CDM in the world. He makes our whole team play better when in his natural position.
Paul:  EXTEND – a critical piece.
Mateuz:  EXTEND until 2026. Let’s lock him up until he’s 32.
Timucin:  EXTEND – His importance to the team is clear.
Barak:  EXTEND. The terminator is only hitting his prime now. And he is already one of the best in the job.
Jordan:  Obviously we need to EXTEND his contract before Real Madrid come sniffing around for a Casemiro replacement.
Scott:  The best in his position and injuries to others show even more just how important he is to us. EXTEND.

Consensus:  EXTEND this man’s contract already!

Naby Keita (26) – 2023

Jack:  SELL.  As much as I want to believe in Naby Lad, he hasn’t been able to stay fit. Simply not worth paying him to sit in the recovery room every season.
Paul:  SELL – seems like a mutually poor fit at this point.
Mateuz:  SELL.  Done with this experiment. Best of luck to him elsewhere.
Timucin:  KEEP and hope for the best I guess. I feel like his price has really gone down in the last few seasons and selling him would be a huge loss at the moment.
Barak:  SELL. I know Klopp likes him. He has shown some sparks, but generally seems lost in the side. Will take a hit financially but he just isn’t cutting it.
Jordan:  SELL – As a representative of the Gerrard family, I would like to formally request the #8 jersey be given to someone else. Thank you!
Scott:  With his age, talent, and experience, you’d have expected him to make his mark already, surely? He’s running out of time according to some fans and I am almost there. KEEP.

Consensus:  While a few people still have some patience and hope, most of us believe we should SELL and abandon the Keita project.  If early rumors are to be believed, Liverpool are going to stick it out one more season with him.  Let’s hope he does not spend it on the trainer’s table.

Thiago (30) – 2024

Jack:  KEEP.  I think we’ll really see Thiago turn it on this next year, but I can’t see him being a regular starter by the time his contract runs out.
Paul:  KEEP – don’t know if you extend him at his age until you see if he can continue to hold up.
Mateuz:  KEEP.  He’ll be 33 by then so I figure we can get a couple more good years out of him.
Timucin:  KEEP as is. Excited to see him in midfield with Fab and Hendo.
Barak:  KEEP.  He is going to be our midfield star next season. Mark my words.
Jordan:  KEEP
Scott:  What a player. With time and players around him returning to injuries, we can truly enjoy this world-class magician. KEEP.

Consensus:  KEEP – he’s really only been here half a year.  So much more left to prove.

Curtis Jones (20) – 2025

Jack:  KEEP.  Signed a deserved contract extension last year, but needs to continue his development and turn into a regular starter as the current ones age.
Paul:  KEEP – let it ride.
Mateuz:  CuJo is here to stay.  KEEP!
Timucin:  KEEP- Kid can be special and should be the depth we need
Barak:  KEEP. Oh, you beautiful Scouser, you.
Jordan:  KEEP
Scott:  An amazing young talent just starting off his career. With Gini gone, rightfully so more responsibility will go to Curtis.  KEEP.

Consensus: KEEP – only signed a new contract last year.  A few big years in Red coming up for him.

Jordan Henderson (30) – 2023

Jack: KEEP / EXTEND – He will have a lot of miles on his legs when his current contract runs out, but it’s difficult to see him moving to another club then. I think they would keep in just for the locker room leadership, which is unparalleled
Paul:  KEEP – see: Thiago.
Mateuz:  KEEP – Hendo will have a place in this squad for as long as he wants.
Timucin:  EXTEND – My favorite player on this team with his personality and leadership.
Barak:  KEEP & EXTEND if necessary to make sure he retires at Liverpool. The most important captain for Liverpool since Gerard, and perhaps even with Gerard counted – at least, the side has achieved more with him in the role. Talisman.
Jordan:  EXTEND but agree that game time may become less and less each season.
Scott:  His importance to his club on, and off, the field is immeasurable. And will stay incredibly fit, injuries aside, for years to come. EXTEND.

Consensus:  EXTEND.  Oh captain, my captain…

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (27) – 2023

Jack:  KEEP – This season will be make or break for Ox. I feel like his only chance is to stay fit and succeed as a backup for Firmino in the false 9 role. If he doesn’t, he’ll be sold… and he might be anyway.  KEEP – for homegrown numbers alone.
Paul:  KEEP – for homegrown numbers alone.
Mateuz:  SELL – If the price is right, let him go elsewhere. Fun to watch when healthy but not consistent enough.
Timucin:  KEEP – I think he will still be a good option to come off the bench, but definitely not reliable enough to extend.
Barak:  KEEP.  But not for long. He has been unlucky, true, but he needs to step up. I’d say look to sell him in January if he doesn’t. 
Jordan:  KEEP.  I would give Ox one more season to prove his worth and fitness. If he spends this upcoming season injured again I would sell him as soon as possible but feel sad about it.
Scott:  Everytime Ox seems to be down for the count, he shows glimpses of what he can do. I just wish he were more consistent.  KEEP.

Consensus:  KEEP for now.  The hope is still alive.

James Milner (35) – 2022

Jack:  KEEP – Milner will likely outlive us all, but he will be 36 when his current contract expires. Would be shocked if he doesn’t make a one-year move to Leeds before he retires, after which I expect him to go into management, a la Gerrard.
Paul:  KEEP – likely retiring or going to Leeds
Mateuz:  EXTEND until forever.  James won’t stop running.
Timucin:  KEEP – Not sure if he is interested in playing further or go into management perhaps. 
Barak:  KEEP.  And let him play until his seventies. Because he can.
Jordan:  KEEP.  I love Milner but I offer him a coaching role at Liverpool at the end of his current contract, maybe a role with limited game time. I could see him having a player manager role somewhere in the championship.
Scott:  The very picture of professionalism. Looks like he has one more year at this incredible level of football to offer.   KEEP.

Consensus:  KEEP.  He’s basically immortal.

Marco Grujic (25) – 2023

Jack:  LOAN if you think he might be needed in our midfield this year, SELL if you believe the rumors about Liverpool signing Tielemans, Bissouma, or like-CM.
Paul:  SELL – it’s time. Not sure he’s good enough defensively. Did well at Porto.
Mateuz:  He’s still here?  SELL / LOAN / Meh.
Timucin:  SELL – I would think someone in the Bundesliga or another team in Europe will pay for him. He is 25 already. If he is not good enough for LFC now, he will not ever be.
Barak:  SELL. Do you see him making his way into this side? Like, ever? Yeah, I don’t, either.
Jordan:  I am never quite sure why Grujic never gets a chance at Liverpool but if Klopp says he is crap I guess we have to SELL him.
Scott:  Klopp’s first ever signing just hasn’t made the step, has he? A tidy player, but not quite Liverpool quality.   SELL.

Consensus:  SELL.  He seems to be one of the four players for which LFC expect to fetch a decent transfer fee this summer.

Ben Woodburn (21) – 2022

Jack:  Since becoming the youngest goalscorer in Liverpool history, he hasn’t been seen much. If he won’t fetch a decent price trying to SELL to a championship club this summer, signing him on a shorter contract with the potential of a LOAN increasing his stock is a good option.
Paul:  LOAN – needs to get his value back up before we can sell
Mateuz:  EXTEND – decent young talent that can find himself some minutes on rotation.
Timucin:  KEEP for homegrown players numbers and further depth.
Barak:  LOAN and based on results, EXTEND or SELL. Looks like a lot of potential for sure, but is it good enough for a Reds side making another run at a title?
Jordan:  SELL him if anyone will buy him, but seems doubtful.
Scott:  The first young player to benefit from Klopp’s willingness to use youngsters. Just hasn’t got going since.  SELL.

Consensus:  LOAN/SELL?  KEEP/EXTEND?.  Very mixed bag on this one.  Nothing would surprise me or make me that upset either way.


Harvey Elliot (18) – 2023

Jack:  EXTEND & LOAN.  This guy has all the makings of a future star. Before he is able to rotate consistently with our first teamers, I believe he should continue his development (and grow a few inches). A year at a mid- or bottom-table club could do him wonders.
Paul:  KEEP – he’s good enough. Should be with the first team.
Mateuz: KEEP/EXTEND!  Harvey is exciting. If they want to LOAN him out for just one more year, I am not opposed to that.
Timucin:  LOAN – We all want him to be that player for the front line, but I think he still needs more experience.
Barak:  EXTEND and LOAN. This one’s a keeper, when he grows up a bit.
Jordan:  EXTEND and LOAN.  I am on the fence on loaning him out next season or keeping him as a backup, it really depends who we sell and buy this summer.
Scott:  What a career this talent has ahead of him. Long may it be at Liverpool, game time chances permitting.  KEEP.

Consensus:  KEEP/EXTEND because we love him, LOAN him out because he needs some more minutes and match experience to develop.

Harry Wilson  (24) 2023

Jack:  SELL – I think the time has run out for Harry. While possessing a killer left foot, he does not have the creativity or vision for a top club – but would be perfect as a set piece specialist for a club that plays more direct.
Paul:  SELL – he’s not good enough defensively to play in the mids, nor dynamic enough to play up top. Will get good money from someone for him.
Mateuz:  SELL.  Good kid, just doesn’t have a place on the team.
Timucin:  SELL – Same as Grujic. Already at 24, he is simply not good enough to earn a spot up top for LFC.
Barak:  SELL. Looks like he is not being given a chance in the first team at this point. I suppose if we sell both Shaqiri and Origi, then I would change to KEEP.
Jordan:  I like Harry Wilson, but as Klopp has said before, Wilson needs a permanent home where he plays regularly each season. I would SELL him to Rangers in Scotland.
Scott:  A solid player, but not capable of playing the system that Liverpool requires of their attackers.  SELL.

Consensus:  SELL.  After years of arguing Harry Wilson just wasn’t good enough for LFC, people are starting to agree with me!  Liverpool have also pegged him as one of the four players they for which they expect to fetch a decent transfer fee this summer.

Sadio Mane (29) – 2023

Jack:  KEEP – Mane may have had his “worst season ever” for us, but he’ll still be able to contribute going forward. If Jota overtakes him  in the pecking order this year, expect him to leave next summer.
Paul:  KEEP – holding pattern. I’d prioritize trying to get Salah on a short term bumper.
Mateuz:  KEEP.  Two years left for Sadio. Yeah, he had a down year, but that doesn’t mean we need to give up on him.
Timucin:  KEEP I do not see us extending his deal at the moment. Some key decisions coming up next summer.
Barak:  SELL. Yes, he is terrific. Yes, I love his personality. But he has had a bad season, is getting there in years, and we can still get large numbers for him. He is not essential to the team, either.
Jordan:  KEEP
Scott:  At the prime age of wingers, a bad season on his standards is a solid season to all other wingers. KEEP

Consensus:  KEEP.  Sadio is still the “Mane” man.

Diogo Jota (24) – 2025

Jack:  KEEP – Just got here, and boy, what an impact.
Paul:  KEEP – ink’s still drying.
Mateuz:  KEEP.  Jota is the future.
Timucin:  KEEP Hopefully will be part of the rotation up front and compete for a starting position with another player we bring in to replace Origi. Hope he learns the system more and becomes as effective as Bobby in the press.
Barak:  KEEP. Oh, yeah. What a find.
Jordan:  KEEP
Scott:  This lad is surely one for the future.  He will continue to grow with this team!  KEEP.

Consensus:  KEEP.  No-brainer.

Mohammed Salah (28) – 2023

Jack:  EXTEND – Hard to see us getting a better option at right wing. Unless Sancho or Mbappe are confirmed, he’s staying.
Paul:  EXTEND – see: Mane.
Mateuz:  KEEP & EXTEND when contract is up. It’s up to Mo, of course, but he can stay as long as he’d like.
Timucin:  EXTEND – we have to make the commitment at this point or sell him next summer as we do not want to lose him for nothing.
Barak:  EXTEND. True Reds legend. Even in a season like this, his numbers were remarkable. 
Jordan:  EXTEND.  Keep him at the club for the rest of his life, even if it is against his will.
Scott:  Never gets the credit he deserves! The numbers speak for itself. Legend! EXTEND.

Consensus:  EXTEND.  If he keeps scoring at this rate, he’ll have a statue in no time.

Xherdan Shaqiri (29) – 2023

Jack:  SELL – Powercube be damned. Another talented player that has flashes of brilliance, yet cannot stay fit long enough to make a real impact.
Paul:  SELL – tactical square peg. Actual cube. Needs to be starting somewhere.
Mateuz:  SELL.  You can argue he makes a difference when he comes on. I can argue that we would never miss him and he’s just taking up squad space.
Timucin:  SELL – He will have takers, and has shown that he cannot be a consistent option. Only good when coming off the bench, but somehow still out for extended periods of time.
Barak:  SELL, but only opportunistically and if we can get good money for him. Otherwise HOLD. He contributes reasonably well when he’s on, and has a winning mentality. And we need second fiddlers (see Origi).
Jordan:  I leave this up to Shaq. He is always welcome in my Liverpool side, but if he wants to leave for regular first team action, I will help him find the best move for him and his family.
Scott:  Always a good option. But, if the right offer comes, it may be best for all parties involved. SELL.

Consensus:  SELL.  He can unlock defenses… he just can’t get on the pitch.  Allegedly quoted as available for a bargain €6M to Fenerbache this summer, but unlikely they would be able to afford him.

Roberto Firmino (29) – 2023

Jack:  KEEP – it will be time to reevaluate Bobby after one more year. As our scoring output faltered last year, we may end up buying a more prolifc striker.  I think Bobby would be still able to contribute from a deeper role, so I wouldn’t be surprised (nor unhappy) if they decided to extend.
Paul:  EXTEND – integral piece until he loses his legs.
Mateuz:  KEEP. There’s no one that can quite fill Bobby’s role quite like Bobby. So until that person comes along…
Timucin:  KEEP. He has a lot of haters who does not understand what he does. Our press is much more effective with him.
Barak:  KEEP. Another legend. His positive impact on games is undeniable, and he only got lost because everything behind him went to medbay.
Jordan:  KEEP.  I would transition Bobby to play in midfield in some games, and buy a tall, 20-goal-per-season striker. Then in games where teams sit back, I would bring on our big Striker and push Bobby into midfield as the play maker.
Scott:  Another that had a below-par season to his high standards. Continues to be so important to us as he showed glimpses towards the end of the season of what he is truly capable.  KEEP.

Consensus:  There’s something that our “experts” want you to know: the best in the world is Bobby Firmino.  KEEP.

Divock Origi (26) – 2024

Jack:  SELL – With Jota and Minamino, and hopefully at least one incoming option, it’s time for Origi to consider going somewhere else.
Paul: SELL – Like now.  Please.
Mateuz:  SELL.  Thank you for some memorable goals. Good luck elsewhere, Divock.
Timucin:  SELL – Has been a huge disappointment since his historic contributions in big games.
Barak:  KEEP.  Perhaps surprising, but we need players who don’t mind playing second fiddle, and relieving some of the pressure off the starters. 
Jordan:  Origi had his moment as a legend but all legends must come to an end at some point. Please SELL Origi, and buy a backup striker who brings a new dimension to this team.
Scott:  His career is on the verge of petering out unless he gets into a team with which his talent can fit the style. SELL.

Consensus:  SELL.  The Origi project also seems to be over, despite some fantastic moments.  Another one of the four players they for which the club expect to fetch a decent transfer fee this summer.  Let’s hope they’re right!

Takumi Minamino (26) – 2024

Jack:  LOAN – Started to click with Southampton, but then didn’t produce much after February. I think he needs some more time to get used to the league’s physicality. If not, sell him next summer.
Paul:  KEEP – can he adjust? Not ready to pull the ripcord on him yet.
Mateuz:  Ahhhh. Moments of brilliance, many moments of emptiness. Struggled to crack a starting spot on a weaker Southampton side. LOAN, I suppose?
Timucin:  KEEP – He can still be that player to bring some energy off the bench for pressing etc. when Bobby comes off. Will see if his Southampton experience helped him or not this summer.
Barak:  KEEP. Tough start for him in the premier league, but he seems to be getting it. 
Jordan:  Maybe another LOAN spell?
Scott:  Such a likable player, just hasn’t showed the elite quality his teammates more often provide. Can still prove his worth.  KEEP.

Consensus:  KEEP vs. LOAN.  Some are not convinced he can perform at the level Liverpool need.  Would he even get minutes in this squad with the way Jota is performing?  I think the KEEPs may be right on this one – at least for the first half of the season.

Well, there you have it, folks.  Do you agree with our experts?  Think we’re daft for our opinions?  Please comment and let us know what you think!

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